Ciamillo carbon crank now with pre-launch offer information!

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Mattias Hellöre
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by Mattias Hellöre

The laws of physics apply to bikes and planes at all speeds and altitudes...
If you had read through the paper instead of rushed to the keyboard you would have noticed that it mostly applies to non load bearing structures inside the craft. A very highly controlled environment indeed.
Experimental Prototype

by Weenie

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by RichTheRoadie

I have no interest in reading the paper - all I am saying is lets wait to hear exactly what is going on here before drawing conclusions.

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by artray

I don't understand why Ted has not made a comment on the corrosion issues . Its no good sticking a aero cover on and hoping it will not happen. Why can't the design be all carbon?
Mattias is only making valid point based on fact and what he has seen so far and I agree with him .
Lets hope the crank turns out to be a beauty but it does still seem early days . I did like the original first design. I wonder why we had such a radical 2nd design ? who knows whats next . :popcorn:

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by styrrell

Its not that galvanic corrosion isn't a concern, but geez, most people with carbon cranks (which on ww is most people) have carbon / al bonding. Not to mention the fork ends, dropouts on carbon frames, BB shells, etc.

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by Mackers

Right about now is when I would be calling my credit card company to get my deposit back, had I taken Ciamillo up on their pre-launch offer.

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by spud

a basic problem with this design is the structure is not moved as far as possible from the neutral axis. The fairing mentioned is where all the structure should be, as it would result in structural material at the outer edges of the physical envelope, which makes a more efficient structure (strength/weight).

This is the whole reason Shimano developed hollow forgings, and Cannondale developed the Si machined/bonded cranks. And neither of those cranks has to deal with mechanical, high stress interfaces between dissimilar materials.

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by diesel

These are crazy looking cranks. This looks like an idea that could be ran with. I wonder if they can make a very tough cover that is ballistic material. I think I will wait for the second round.

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by thisisatest

One possible scenario I can think of is that they are using prefabricated tubes to create the hole inside the arm. Note that not too long ago, all carbon arms had a core of something, usually foam. So if these tubes are the inner mold, and the end result is a nearly homogenous carbon unit with aluminum ends, the tubes would be contributing to the stiffness, and provide a few areas of mechanical keying on each end. Just a thought.

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by passbagger

That is one bad-ass looking crank! I'm not concerned about aero so I don't want those tubes covered with weight; that's what makes it bad-ass. On the bonding issue, I agree with biketart; we don't know how those tubes are attached or bonded, but one look at that design makes me think Ted has thought about that. I'm not an engineer, but it appears obvious that the force on the aluminum end will be beyond significant. In most cases, this would be a solid piece, so if there is going to be a point of interconnectivity here, it better hold. I'm betting, literally, that Ted's thought of that. I have a pre order in and now that I see it, I'm thrilled, as long as it's as good as he says it is. As to why he hasn't chimed in other than the other day, it better be because he's working 24-7 to get those cranks done. I am also hoping he says something about this soon because the curiosity is killing me (well, it's really just making me itch).

The first time I dealt with Ted was in 2006 with Ti Zero G's and I have added a few over time, including a new set of Gravitas SL's. Every time I have a question or need something, he answers the phone. When I had an issue, he was all over it. I don't know many other companies, other than frame builders, where the owner will talk to you directly in this industry when you are only buying one of whatever they sell (if you do, please share). So I'm taking a chance that this crank will crank because, as far as I know he hasn't had a product failure before and if this ends up being the first one, he would fix it. If I'm wrong, you'll hear about it in a much longer post.

And if you're reading this Ted, Get My Crank Done and then enlighten us if you wouldn't mind.

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by MichaelB

I probably wont buy one, but I love the passion and thinking outside the box on this one.

REALLY interested to see the blog hen it goes up !! :beerchug:

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by Juanmoretime

All will be soon in the blog but I think Ted's method of attaching the alloy parts and carbon will work since it is not friction fitted nor bonded. This is not meant as a teaser but to keep open minded until the construction method is shown on the blog.

Why the radical change? If it were me the comments that the crank is not that light might have me thinking. :wink:

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by Lig

Hi all,

One thing that hasnt been mentioned is rider\load weight limits? On a 'few' WW cranks there is a weight limit. I wonder if there will be on these??

p.s i have my order in and am around 140Kg at the mo... :lol:


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by elviento

cranks are probably one of those places where weight is not the issue but the power output and riding style. If anything it should be overbuilt to an extent to handle the rigors of a powerful sprinter.
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by runner999

Ted, with all due respect to the speculators in this forum, email the blog link to the paying customer’s first and not cast pearls before swine. This thread is showing the potential to get a little ridiculous.

by Weenie

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by 1spd

There are a lot of cranks on the market that I would love to have. The downside is that I have an older frame with a standard BB so of course most of these lighter cranks simply wont work. Hollow Grams have been at the top of my list for a while now for instance and I lived the old Vuma's. For now, I'm just sticking with my Campy's since they work (would be nice if they were lighter but for crying out loud, I'm riding a steel frame!)

None the less, I'm still excited to see the finished product. I do wish that some of these lighter cranks were produced with a stadard bb in mind (I know that is not the trend right now but dang!)
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