Ciamillo carbon crank now with pre-launch offer information!

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by Getter

454 grams



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by artray


by Weenie

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by dereksmalls

I bet that doesn't come cheap!

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I was pleasantly surprised to see a crank in this thread. Crank looks sweet. I'm guessing its light. It'll be interested to hear more details, like spindle length and diameter and material(aluminum?), if its compatible with current bb systems, etc...

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by flameboy

:unbelievable: is it going to be called boxer?

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by mrfish

Great, but perhaps they could focus on getting the customer service basics right (and fixing previously unfixed issues) before rolling out new product - lots of history here suggests that if anything goes wrong with the product it will not be plain sailing.

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by CharlesM


"""This is a BB30 crank with 3 degree arms and extra spindle length for use on non-BB30 with adapters. It has a two part molded in spindle with oversize spline. Although the design is currently robust at 448 grams, we are still testing and pushing the envelope for the next six weeks so we may end up a little lighter still. The core is hollow and was created through the use of a pre-fabbed scaled down carbon core inserted in the final mold. Q is at 149 but is a customizable feature for BB30 frames where the spindle may be shortened upon request on the non-drive side. One of the best features is the customizable length options.. we can do non-standard lengths easily. Another interesting feature is the easily interchangeable spider; currently shown in compact, the spider easily pops off the oversize spline and can be swapped for 130."""

· Mass – 448 g (+/- 20 grams at test completion) // Cranks - BB - Spider

· Interchangeable spider from compact to standard

· BB30 with extra long spindle for use with adapters on non-BB30 frames

· Q-factor – 149mm (customizable)

· Fully customizable lengths

· High modulus compression molded hollow carbon fiber arms.

· Extra wide aero arm geometry

· Customizable spindle color

The first couple of sets are on the road, already logging miles...

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by justkeepedaling

What are their suggestions for chainrings?

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by Juanmoretime

Hi all,

A bit busy but more coming on this crankset including availability and special pricing on pre-orders coming soon!

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by HammerTime2

dereksmalls wrote:I bet that doesn't come cheap!
You should be grateful if it comes at all.
Zero G Boxer Squad
No crank for you. Come back, 5 years. Neeext!!

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by Getter

My local dealer emailed me those pics this morning. Right after I put up the pics...Ciamillo posted the info that Pez posted on his Facebook page.

Can't wait to see one in person.

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by DTV

For what it's worth, I got this in the mail this morning.. I'm pretty sure this is an open offer as I'm not a special customer or friend anything..

Gravitas Crank Official Launch

Pre-order special For the first 100…
Gravitas Crank - $700 (normal retail - $1100)
Gravitas Brake and Crank Combo - $1175.00 (normal retail - $2075)
If you are interested in being one of the first Gravitas Crank owners and the option to purchase at a deep discount directly from me, please reply to this email with your shipping address and telephone number and Kristi will send over a Paypal invoice coming from for a 50% deposit ($350.00 for the Crank or $587.00 for the Gravitas Brake and Crank Combo)

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by J-Nice

Weight weenies are a special bunch. First in line to get had, and first again to get re-had.

Step right up to pay for the privilege of being a beta tester, while doing the company's R&D for them!!!
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by prendrefeu

Looks aero.
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by Weenie

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by LionelB

I like how it looks. How many crank beta testers are still alive :shock:

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