your bikes cost breakdown

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by crohnsy

Mine is somewhat skewed....

Frame / fork = 0%
Wheels / Tires = 40%
Groupset = 40%
Components = 20%

Give or take a little...

by Weenie

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by Dozer

tinozee wrote:Should we include just one pair of wheels or all the wheels u use on a certain bike?

IMHO, don't average or total your wheel costs. Show 2 breakdowns - first with your cheapest wheels and second with your most expense. Then we get the range.

Then again, maybe it would be interesting to see it with the total of all the wheels you actively use (training, flat racing, hill racing, etc). Don't include wheels your rarely or never use.

So, maybe 3 breakdowns if that is not too much trouble. :beerchug:

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by Dozer

Stalkan wrote:So, does this mean I ride a Hollowgram SRM?

Yes, I think as much as I ride a Madfiber.

Answering with that would certainly tell you if the questioner knows their bikes or not. :beerchug:

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by bobbyOCR

HammerTime2 wrote:
bobbyOCR wrote:I was lucky enough to receive some Lew rims, so otherwise wheels would be much more.
Lucky to receive Lew rims? Lew? Lucky? How are those holding up? What hubs, spokes/number, etc. are you using? I guess you're not in Egypt.

Received as gift.

I use them as race wheels and the front for TTs. 16h/20h. So far so good.

281g/282g each. I know there have been, um, of the Lew products that did appear, but my experience has been good. The braking surface on one of the rims could be better.
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by RWH

Clincher Version
23,6% Frame (incl. fork & seatpost)
36,0% Groupset
19,6% Wheels (incl. tires)
20,8% Other (Cockpit, pedals, saddle)

Tubular version
20,6% Frame (incl. fork & seatpost)
31,4% Groupset
29,8% Wheels (incl. tires)
18,2% Other (Cockpit, pedals, saddle)
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by phazon

frame 52.03%
gruppo 11.83%
wheels 24.87%
cockpit 8.46%
other 2.81%

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by MarkThailand

For my 2012 Helix OS,

Frame: 35%
Contact points - Fork, Stem, Handlebar, Seatpost, Saddle: 15%
Drivetrain and Components: 35%
Wheels: 15%

The frame is custom finished, etched, and named, the contact points are mostly ENVE, the drivetrain is 2012 SRAM Red and Cannondale Hollowgram SISL, and the wheels are custom-built trainers.

For my 2013 R330,

Frame: 30%
Contact points - Frame, Stem, Handlebar, Seatpost, Saddle: 20%
Drivetrain and Components: 40%
Wheels: 10%

The frame is also custom finished and etched and was 30% off from Lynskey, the contact points are exactly the same as the Helix OS build, the drivetrain is the SRAM Red Quarq PM plus 2011 SRAM Red and eeBrakes, the wheels are the similar custom built trainers at a great discount and without the ceramic bearings.

I really want to try the Selle SMP Lite 209 carbon saddle but they are not available in Thailand and I am toying with the idea of getting an ENVE SES wheelset but can not bring myself to spend that much (3x) for a wheelset that I should not or could not use everyday. My custom-built trainer wheels are no slouches with HED. C2/White Industries/32F2x32R3xSapim CX-Rays.

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by paulandmonster

at cost it would be
frame 50
wheels 20
group incl pedals 26
bars stem 4

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by wolfesquire

Frame- 15%
Group- 30%
Wheels- 30%
Parts- 25%

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by shimmeD

Given that this is WEIGHT Weenies and not $ Weenies, shouldn't we be more interested in the spread of weights? OK what about lining up weight against cost?
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