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by DeLuz

I am currently riding a S-Works Tarmac SL3.
I have enjoyed riding it and its a great bike.
I feel the ride isn't bad but feel like I could use something a little less harsh.
I am not looking for a sportive or endurance bike as I feel that would too much of a change and might feel sluggish.
I once test rode a Specialized Roubaix SL4 and really didn't like it.
I have always liked Time bikes. Some years ago I test rode a VXR at a local shop and thought it was amazing.
I couldn't afford to buy it as it was selling for $4800 at the time. A few years later I bought a used one for $1500.
The guy I bought it from was kind of difficult and when I rode it, it didn't feel the same as the new one I had test rode.
It was really jittery feeling and so I ended up selling it and bought the Tarmac.
There are a number of places blowing out the Time NRXS for a pretty good price but I can very little information on it.
I also don't know how it compares to the NXR Instinct which seems to be more common.
I know some of Times frames use vectran or vibraser technology but I don't see this mentioned regarding the NXRS.
I round a review at Roadccycling UK which said this:

The NXrs offered little in the way of comfort, however, and produced a ride as unyielding as anything we’ve previously encountered.

This baffles me as I thought all of Times frames were supposed to be pretty smooth riding.

Another bike I have considered is a Calfee Tetra as I already own a Calfee Tetra tandem and its just amazing.

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