Mavic CCU and Shimano Dura Ace C35 tubular

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by konky

I have the DA tubular 35s and love them. They feel so solid and are ultra smooth. Planning on getting the CCU's. Has anyone ridden both.

Is the ride feel the same and characteristics similar or will the CCU's be different?

Any comments much appreciated.

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by mrfish

Have not ridden the C35s, but I have ridden quite a few other wheels, including Edge / Enve, various Shimanos and the CCUs. CCUs are very nice to ride - Look on Fairwheelbikes forum for Madcow's comparison of CCUs, LWs and ADAs. It's a bit old now but still relevant.

Personally I like mine very much, and given the price (particularly second hand) they're a great buy compared with other similar wheels. I ride them for big rides in the mountains as they are very stiff (particularly the rear is probably the stiffest wheel available thanks to the carbon construction and off centre rim profile) and accelerate very well. Also downhill handling is noticeably sharper as the bike goes exactly where you place it. I don't notice side winds on them. Mine also are perfectly true and brake well with Swisstop yellows.

So overall I think they give a bit more of everything when riding than the C35s. Only downside I'd say is that the spokes are not replaceable and the rear hub isn't as nice as the DA. But on the upside you can abuse the hub bearings as much as you like then just press in new ones. With the DA lots of water and continued abuse requires regreasing every 6 months, otherwise you have a dead wheel.

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by Marzz

CCU are awesome but killer expensive!
S-Works Venge

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by civdic

I own a set of C35's and I have ridden the my buddies Mavic CCU's on my bike for a couple of weeks during this past summer.

I weigh 200 lbs and live in a hilly area.

Dura Ace C35:
Smooth and quiet. Haven't had any issues until a dog ran into me and snapped two front spokes. Haven't had them repaired yet and I may retire them to try something new. They feel lighter than they are. They are comfortable to ride handle descents very well. With the low spoke count I think they flex a bit which adds the element of comfort.

Mavic CCU:
Free hub is smooth but a bit louder (can't hear the shimano). Very solid ride, a bit harsh. Had to lower the PSI to get the same comfort. Wind up very fast and roll nicely on smooth roads. Seems like road imperfections where felt more than the DA. Climbing was great, much lighter feeling than the DA. Descending was a bit scary! They front of my bike skipped around like the front wheel had trouble finding it's grip. I felt a bit more spent on the Mavics than the DA's

Both wheels had Vittoria tubs, Corsa CX. the Mavic had new tires the DA had 700k on them.

I have a 40k loop with lots of rollers and big descent at the start which means a big climb at the end. In the two weeks I rode the loop 6 times 4 with the Mavic and 2 with the DA. At the end of the two weeks I was glad to have the DA's even though they are a bit heavier.

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