Storck 185 Ultra-Comfort seatpost - worth it?

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by RJKflyer

I've just got a fabulous Enigma Echo and with it comes the standard Enigma carbon monocoque seatpost. I originally ordered a Storck 185 U-C following rave reviews, but it's taking an age to appear.

Also, I am amazed at how smooth riding the bike is and am now wondering whether to bother with the Storck? One piece of data for you - I have probably only ca. 150-170mm of exposed seatpost so my fear is that the value of going to the Storck may be limited over the Enigma.


by Weenie

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by fa63

If you have already ordered it and it is on its way, then I would try it and see if it makes an appreciable difference. But if you can cancel your order, then I would cancel it since you seem happy with the comfort of your bike as is.

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by mnmasotto

I had one on my Storck Fenomalist. I switched back and forth between my Ax Lightness Europa. I could tell no difference at all. Mine weighted alot more than 185 grams. More like 230 grams. The seat clamping mechanism is easy to use and robust.

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