What the hell is my Selle Italia SLR ???? Please help !

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by roadiesean

I am desperate to get another SLR like my old one. It is a leather cover, and on it says Carbonio and SLR and it has a triangle of carbon fibre at the tail and it is soooooooo COMFY !!!!!!! I am certain that its a Kit Carbonio.....BUT !!! The rails. Well the are carbon tubes with a wrap of Ti (I think it's Ti around the carbon tube where the saddle fits onto the rails. They are the same dimension as the Ti rails. It's nothing like my other kit Carbonio which has those massive carbon rails (which have now snapped !!!)

I need another one of these thin railed ones as I have a Moots cinch post which doesn't fit the fat carbon rails.

Can anyone help me out here ? I bought the thinner railed one second hand so I've no idea how old it is or what it's called. I assume it's a Kit Carbonio and it's an older one. Has anyone got one they'd like to sell to me ??? Or at least point me in the right direction ?



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by odin99

whoa. too much coffee or something.


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by jmartpr

Selle Italia did make an SLR carbonio that featured Ti tubular rails wrap in carbon which are smaller in diameter that the full carbon rails.
Thos seats are no longer produce except for maybe OEM so you will have to sear eBay for a used one or someoen clearing an OEM inventory.

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by Ozrider

I have a white Carbonio as you described with the thick carbon rails in near to new condition. PM me if you are interested. Also let me know where you are located
Ozrider - Western Australia
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