Saddle height when changing crank length

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by guyken


I'm changing my cranks from 172.5 to 175,must i drop the saddle 2.5mm or less or not change it at all?

all advice :welcome:

Thanks a lot guys!

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by bricky21

Don't change your saddle height at first. Mount your new cranks and only adjust the height if needed to smooth out your pedal stroke. No number, angle or calculation can predict what saddle height/crank length will allow you to produce the smoothest pedal stroke your capable of.

by Weenie

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by artray

Why? Go for an extreme drop, more aero and looks cool .

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by MajorMantra

I would drop it 2.5mm. Maximum leg extension is the primary factor in setting saddle height and you will increase it unless you drop the saddle.

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by sanrensho

Try it first without dropping your saddle. You might find that there is no need to change.

As an experiment, I recently tried going from 165mm to 172.5mm and found that my regular saddle height worked best. (Since swapped out to 170mm cranks, again same saddle height as before.)

by Weenie

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by theremery

A tiny drop is most likely but if your hip angle is compressed this may be more of an issue (ride with a REALLY flat back??).....just try it ;) (I'd raise the 2 ish mm and get on with it...shoe height stack differences make more difference than 2mm BTW)
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