Columbus Minimal vs Deda Black Drive Fork

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by CineM

Hi Folks,

I'm brand new here, just registered since this seems to be the best place in the internet to discuss the really imoortant issues in life - bike issues

Right now I'm in the process of configuring and ordering my first custom bike, which will be set up on a "ventoux" frame from Marco Bertoletti / legend factory (
The frame is made out of XCR tubes, right now I'm searching for the best matching fork.
Bertoletti typically uses Deda Black drive forks for his steel and titanium frames whereas Cinelli for example uses the Columbus Minimal Fork.
From what i could figure out so far the Columbus fork seems to fit better to the steel frame since it seems to be slimmer than the Deda Fork.

Does anyone have any experience with the two forks or does someone have dimensions to compare...?


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by ticou

I've got steel with a Deda fork, it's the nero forza five. It's quality, there's better but i'm not bothered.

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by theosaurus

I have a Columbus minimal which I race on, it's brilliant!
350grams Image
yes, but how much does it weigh?

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