Just got creamed by a car. Looking for a new bike now...

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by swimmingskibble

So I was hit by a car this week... I'm a bit broken up, and I won't be able to ride for about two months. But while I am waiting, I might as well figure out what my next bike will be (the other guy's insurance will be paying). My last bike was a BH G5 with Campy Record 11, Reynolds 32 tubulars, zipp slc2 bars, and a few other goodies. Even though the G5 was a bit over weight, I was extremely impressed with the way it rode. Because of this, I'm inclined to look at the new BH G6, but I am open to all ideas. So here is my question to the weight weenie community:

If you could pick any bike frameset in the world, what would it be and why?

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by elviento

there are probably a dozen bikes out there on par w the G5, but if the money is good, get something more exclusive...maybe a ti bike...
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by notsoswift

Few months never sounds good

Your old bike doesn't sound too bad!

What about staying in house and the BH Ultralight

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by michel2

From what I have seen that's coming out next year ( isn't much) I really dig the all black super lightweight canon dale ( fck the text prediction on this iPad!!) I'm very happy with my colnago ep for the there are an awe full lot of nice bikes out there, maybe you should tell us a bitt more about your self and your ridding ?

I hope u r doing all right ? I got cleaned up by a bus and that was the end of my racing dreams, happy to be alive !!(;

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by SpinnerTim

First and foremost- SO happy to hear that you will be ok. Getting hit is a nightmare shared by each of us, maybe even *the* nightmare. Take care, and rest-up. The road will be waiting for you when you're ready, and maybe this will give you the urge to come back even stronger than before.

If you're really looking at a no-holds-barred, once in a lifetime opportunity to get anything for your next bike, I say forget the factory commodity bikes and go with a full custom build for you, envisioned by you, and truly unique. You can use your recovery time to plan every facet of the build, research parts and materials, and speak to builders. You don't need to have an unconventional body shape to go custom. Geometry that suits your riding style, tube gauge, custom rake forks, and build kit can be planned as a whole and integrated to work as a system that pleases you best. While you can buy a frame off the shelf and create a showcase for premium parts, anything planned and executed in a single-source process can offer more enjoyment in the long run.

Personally, I cannot offer a high enough recommendation of Bill Holland and his crew in San Diego. I bought a bike from Holland, and it exceeded my already high expectations. Plus, you'll actually get a bike quickly from this small custom concern. They don't accept the geologic-scale delivery timeframes of some hand builders, which was a major bonus.

Bill's craftsmanship is second-to-none, and the shop is one of the few custom concerns that genuinely applies the same attention to the fit, component selection, interview, paint planning, and final assembly as they do to the business of welding the frame. Plus, all 4-5 of the people who work there and work with customers are sterling people and memorable personalities. You'll get what you want at that place, and you'll want to stay in touch with them. It's a great experience that yields a great bike. Buying a factory machine can be fun, but it's more like a shopping trip than the custom route.

There are a lot of great builders out there, and the best thing you can do is find the shop and the builder that speak to your interests, philosophy, and riding style.

Regardless, tell us what you decide, and do post photos when the build is done.


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by Franklin

Another vote for custom.

A custom bike with custom paint job is unique.

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by prendrefeu

You should get a Falco Ti.
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by Frankie13

prendrefeu wrote:You should get a Falco Ti.


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