BB assembly query RE: galvanic corrosion and anodizing?

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by Machinenoise

Heya just putting my bike together for the winter, have been using a Lightning crank with PM spider on my TT bike all summer. Now thinking about using it all winter on the roadie too.

The bike in question is a Giant TCR Advanced 2010, so BB/ PF86 with aluminium BB inserts to hold the bearings (which are typically plastic cups on shimano stuff.)

However to use the Lighting crank I'd be using the rotor 4130 bearings (which are anodized steel, 34 grams each with 2x 0.5 mm plastic bearing shields at 1g each.) with the spindle of the lightning crank which are also anodized aluminium.

I'm guessing that anodizing will reduce the corrosion risk alot, but don't want it all seized together when I come to service it!
To summarize it'll be raw aluminium cups - to anodized steel bearings - with anodized alloy spindle.

I'm guessing that anti-seize grease will be my friend with all this but just double checking before finalising the install. FYI I put it all together last night so I know the cranks actually fit (with copper grease), but just checking the long term solutions as it will be exposed to all the water and road salt grit of the UK winter. :( It would be a lot of expensive things for galvanic corrosion to destroy if I got it wrong! Any other solutions welcomed too!

PS I appreciate that the bearings will probably not be the strongest due to their 6.5mm bearing size but I can live with a few changes every now and again.

by Weenie

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by artray

I had a bike wrecked due to this. I live in the Uk as well . It seems like you are doing the right thing . You just need to check your cranks, BB more often . If you have spent a few days riding in the rain then take off your cranks and regrease . If the weather is dry then you should not have any issues but check them every 6 weeks just to be safe. You should be fine .

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