All carbon saddle with no pad/cover--anybody ride these?

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by sandico

I currently ride a Selle Italia SLR which has ALMOST no padding. But came across this which truly has no padding. Anyone out there ride this type of thing--or tried it and hated it?

It would shave 40 gms if it weighs as claimed--97gms. My SLR weighs in at 139/140--a tad over the 135gms printed on the seat cover! But still crazy light. Its reasonably comfortable to me but it may be due to the 40 gms of leather on it!
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by BobSantini

According to reports some of the full carbon saddles are too stiff. That's the trouble with the cheapo offerings Ali Baba. You can't tell without trying them or at least getting a good ride report. The flexible ones though are comfortable. Token and Merek both sell flexible ones.

I don't know the saddle pictured but its about the right weight to be flexy, and if the rail end fixings at the back are close together there's a good chance it will flex well.
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by Weenie

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by sandico

It looked like it should be flexy and also it looks like it was molded based on an SLR. Guess its worth a shot.

Anybody hear about these breaking? I am a tad above the 80kg weight limit. Surely don't want to have carbon shards in my posterior.

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by 2002maniac

I'd say it will depend on the shape of the saddle as well as the quality of your bib pad. I run an SLR evolution (no padding) and it works fine for me...

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by CharlesM

I've tried several... Can't ride a single one.

Of the few of dozen (local, first hand ) friends I've seen try them, only one still uses one and only on short rides and complains.

I know some folks here at WW can manage it. But the odds are hugely against.

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by kulivontot

Obviously no one can tell you if the saddle is comfy for you, only for them. I ride a Merek carbon saddle, the Mega DCS model. Do a search on here for "merek carbon saddle" and you'll see a handful of posts. I personally like hard saddles, that are flat and wide in the back so that I can sit with my only contact points being the sit bones. So switching to a full-carbon saddle for me was not really an issue because it my previous saddle also hit all those checkboxes, albeit with slightly more padding. Works for me, been riding for about 10 months on it now. Maybe won't work for you. Hella light though at 109g.

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by artray

I ride a pro edge carbon saddle. There is not much to it. It weighs under 100grms and very comfy .

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by Simonhi

Got a Tune Kom Vor + ... As comfy as any saddle I have.

Without bibs ??? Torture :-(

If it was the choice between a solid carbon saddle with bibs, or my comfy Brooks Swift with no bibs I would take the first option every day of the week.

Hope this helps.

Cheers :thumbup:

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by sungod

ax lightness phoenix, most comfy saddle i've ever had - the 'rails' at the rear act as leaf springs

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by prendrefeu

SMUD. It's like a couch for me. Ridiculously comfortable.
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by Kjetil

SMP Full Carbon here. Stiff shell, but flexy rails. And nothing in the middle.
Best with a good chamois, though.

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by tomgag

Smud was great on Ironman. Note tri gears have no pad. On the other race I was given a bike with more standard saddle and it was literaly pain in the ass.

Like above-mentioned smud was like a couch.

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by N.T

prendrefeu wrote:SMUD. It's like a couch for me. Ridiculously comfortable.

Fuelled by kofein

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by sandico

Well guess I will have to try it out and see. I do tend to sit back on the wings of the saddle and don't sit on the needle unless just giving a little weight relief for a few hundred meters. I suspect I will be okay with it but seems its returnable so I can give it a whirl and see.

My 13.71 build is shedding weight pretty nicely, in theory as I have not gotten the parts yet. But thus far it appears I have shed

33 gms saddle (SLR 140 vs Alero carbon 97)
12 gms post clamp (stock clamp 22 vs. PZ racing 10)
30 gms bars (EC90 SLX3 195 vs.New Ultimate "claimed" 165)
34 gms seat post (FSA K Force 214 vs. Forte Precision 180)
40 gms (?) FD clamp (huge-ass thing LBS put on (not weighed) vs. Alero Carbon 6gms)

That's 149 gms so in theory should drop it to 6069 gms/13.38 lbs. Maybe a set of lighter tubies and I can crack 12.99!

by Weenie

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by jvanv8

Try it and find out.

Of course everyone is different so your mileage may vary.
I also had the SLR, Komm-Vor, and MCFK in descending order of weight.
Lucky for me, the lighter the saddle the more comfy!
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