Toe / wheel contact on Parlee z-zero

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by greentimgreen

Hi all,

I've been the proud owner of a Parlee z-zero (standard geometry - medium size) for a couple of weeks now, and whilst I adore it, there's one thing that I notice every time I go out. The front wheel makes significant contact with my toe when I make sharp turns. It's particularly annoying when I climb steep hills, where I tend to 'sway' quite a bit.

My last bikes (Condor Leggero x2, Specialized Tarmac, Look 695 Aero) did not have this problem to anywhere near the same degree.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just a product of the straight Enve forks?

Any advice would be gratefully received!
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by spectracycles

I have a Parlee Z3 and a Z5 both stock geometry in size small, toe wheel overlap/contact also when doing sharp turns, its annoying sometimes but tolerable enough. This also happens with my Calfee tetra pro and Seven Elium but not with any of my italian bikes. I guess you could say this is typical with American bikes?

by Weenie

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by mattr

It's nothing to do with the fork, it'll still have the same offset as a curved fork, 40-45mm generally.
It's the short front centre thats causing the issue (such as it is). FWIW all my road bikes have a degree of toe overlap, all the road bikes i've ever had have had this, it's never (in 25 years) caused an issue, up to, and including 30%/1 in 3 gradients.

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by greentimgreen

Thanks for the replies. I think it's just more pronounced than I'm used to on the Parlee, but good to hear that you've not had any issues with it. I had visions of getting my foot caught between wheel and frame this weekend - not the most elegant way to dismount! :shock:
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by spdntrxi

I have a Z5i in medium and have a bit of toe overlap.. my small Look 695 had a tad less, but still there. Never been a problem going up steep gradients.. only snail slow speed turns when I am not thinking about it.

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by Valbrona

Lots of small frames come with toe overlap. It is up to frame designers to what extent they want to design toe overlap out. And, of course, it is one of those things that you don't know how bad it will be until you have bought your bike and have ridden it for a while. And designers really don't want to go down the 650c route for smaller frames.

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by eric

My 56cm Cervelo has some toe overlap. Might be my big feet that are the problem.

I've yet to have it be a problem, even the first time I discovered it- making a tight turn in the parking lot while warming up for a race.
As long as I "clock" the pedals while making a tight turn my feet dont' hit the wheel.

I'm surprised you're hitting your feet on the wheel while climbing. You must swerve a lot to do that.

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by wheelsONfire

I understand what you mean. I always look at front to center before buying a frame. If the frame is to short, i don't buy it. Some time ago i looked at Trek SLR frameset but noticed this issue.
I think the relevance is partly how you are as a person, some care less and some gets really disturbed. I am the latter! If it is minimum 59.5cm i am home!

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by em3

Toe overlap is a fact of life on racing frames, most common on small frames but also on larger frames. Whether you experience overlap will depend not only on crank length, headtube angle, front-center, but also your shoe size, cleat position, and other variables. If you are riding small circles in the donut shop parking lot with your new racing bike then toe overlap will be apparent, otherwise toe overlap will NOT be an issue. In other words, if you are riding your bike as it is supposed to be ridden then you will not experience overlap in any real riding situations. If you do find yourself riding small circles in a parking lot you will simply need to learn to compensate for pedal position, just like you would when you lean into a tight turn and raise your pedal to avoid scraping on pavement . Enjoy your new ride. EM3

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by greentimgreen

thanks for all of the responses, I'm glad I asked. Good to know that it's not due to an ill-fitting frame or anything costly! A few steep hills (20% ish) this weekend and no troubles, and I still haven't fallen off...yet
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by Weenie

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by limniki

I have experienced the same issue on my Colnago CX0. It actually caught me off guard at a stop light, when I went to go, my front wheel hit my right toe, causing me to lose my balance and fell. No damage to the bike, but a new problem. I am wondering if the fork angle might be the issue. I now watch for this when starting/stopping.

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