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by GregSherwin

Hi, has anyone ever seen a Colnago Master competition without crimped tubing?

There's one for sale somewhere else and i've never come across one before

by Weenie

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by Devon

Campagnolo; because it's a bicycle, not a fishing rod.

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by Geoff

Back 'in the day', we rode Colnago. We were on them until 1989.

In 1982, Sarroni won World Championship on a version of the Super with a shaped tubeset. Accordingly, the following year, all our bikes were shaped-tube frames. I chose the 'Nuevo Mexico', which was really a TT frame, but I was light enough to use it for road (early WW). 1983, a new frame was also introduced, called the 'Master'. It used a Gilco tubeset with cool, shaped variants on the three main tubes. It had cool, chrome lugs, too. When the shipment finally arrived, I remember thinking that they were way more cool than the Nuevo Mexico frames (I seem to recall that they had contrasting stripes, too, but I'm not sure about that).

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by stella-azzurra

Check this out

Find out what year that frame is.
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