Record EPS V3 DTI compatibility

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by jnygaard

I have a bike with the old/original Rec EPS (external battery).

I'd like to upgrade to the new V3 DTI, to get the wireless connection to my EDGE 1000, but also to be able to configure the system.
I'm being told I have to replace the battery unit to a v3 as well, meaning tearing up the whole bike to route new wires in the frame. I'm not to happy about that idea.

So now the question. What would happen (or not happen), if I connect a V3 DTI to the old v1 system. Assuming the plugs even fit?


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by mnmasotto

I recently talked to the southern california campagnolo rep about upgrading my Campagnolo v2 system. He says i must buy the v3 power unit and interface to get the system to work. Prior systems could mix and match with so,e loss in diagnostic function. No more mixing with v3 power unit and interface.

by Weenie

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by Miller

Campag put a lot of the electronics in the battery unit so you will absolutely need the new battery. On the upside, you'll clean up the lines of the bike by removing the external battery, and I understand the new battery is small and can be recharged from the DTI unit so the reworking may not be a big deal and will have a clear benefit.

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