New Fulcrum Quattro and Campagnolo scirocco 35 wheels

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by PrimO

octav wrote:After all, does anyone have the real weight of these 2 wheels? I did not find anywhere a real weight. I would be intersted in one of the 2: fulcrum or campy

I have the Fulcrum Quattros, I got them in June 2013 and weighed them as soon as i got them and was surprised to find that they weight 1845gr which is 135gr heavier than stated by Fulcrum. I think part of that weight is down to the heavier steel shimano cassette hub and the remainder due to the rim tape.

I have put over 6000kms on mine and they are still perfect and havent needed adjustment and the brake surface is showing very little signs of wear, thankfully. For the price of them I think you'd be hard pushed to find anything as smooth and free rolling with a nice quiet freewheel noise.

by Weenie

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by toshi

Resuscitating an old thread - I have to echo the op's thoughts. I love the value these Scirocco 35s offer but the preload setup is junk. You're virtually consigned to live with preload on the aggressive side.

Unrelated - after a couple seasons of use in dry conditions, I began hearing lots of chirping from the front wheel. I discovered one of the bearings completely seized. I wonder if slightly tight preload was the culprit? Or perhaps bad roads + aggressive preload...

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