DuraAce 9000 10 speed wheel compatibility

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by zgrzezly

so how You prevent from oversifting from 10 to virtual 11 (do not existing) cog.
Following shimano documents using low Low-side stopper adjustment bolt can occurs
•• Gears do not shift to the top/low gear. (Even if you shift gears to the top or low gear, the gear may shift back by one gearafter about 5 seconds.)
•• Noise does not stop.
•• Battery charge disappears quickly. (load is being placed on the motor)
•• The motor may be damaged. (irreparable)
Did You have any above problems??

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by Zoro

borja wrote:Hi!

I'm considering switching from Dura Ace 7900 to 9000.
I have some old wheelsets which are 10speed and cannot be upgraded to 11. (DA WH78xx 50mm carbon tubs for example )
My question is - will the 9000 work with 7900 10speed sprockets? As far as I get it the spacing between sprockets is the same, on 9000 they just added one more sprocket so the cassete is wider.
So, theoretically, the shifter should work if you limit the deraileur (and of course you'll have one click to much)

Any comments appreciated!
My son has 9000 Di2. He used a 10spd on the wheels last week and it worked fine. But...you need to block a gear with the adjustment screw so you don't over shift.

Better option if you like to dink around with equipment is get a RECON 11spd solid freewheel and have a machinist take some metal off so it fits on a 10spd freewheel body. I'd say this would work many times. We will likely do this on his Tri-Spoke next year that has the 10spd on it.

Some wheels like Mavic may take an 11spd. Also I replaced the Freewheel body on his Easton wheels with an 11spd one. Costs $90, but we are good to go. Check that there is not an 11spd freewheel body for your wheels.

by Weenie

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by Packs

Well you just look down at the cassette when climbing to check if you've got any cogs left!

I'm also using a 10-speed cassette now as found it shifts just fine with the 11 mech.

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