SLR Kit Carbonio - how often do they break?

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by geoff56

the shell of my SLR Kit Carbonio Flow broke near the front of the cut out

(as noted when I posted my FM-028 I break a lot of seats and posts, not sure why, too fat probably)

A warranty replacement is on the way but I'm not sure whether to keep it or sell it and get something else. I asked the store (Bike24) to swap it for the standard model without the Flow cutout which I figure would be stronger and they said they would but the Flow version is on the way, I guess they forgot

The thing is that I've had the same model on my other bike (BMC SLX) for a couple of years without problem (the stupid Streampost broke though) and I like it, in fact have never noticed it riding which makes it perfect in my book

So from my n=2 sample there's a 50% chance of the replacement breaking. I think that the Kit Carbonio is pretty common hereabouts, what experience have others had?

by Weenie

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by jamespierce

I ride one on my MTB and Roadie - Both have 18 months + ... Neither has broken. The MTB one has taken quite a few pretty big hits.

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by Fourthbook

Two plus years of satisfied use w/ mine but I don't stress it much...
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by phips

Funny that - my older ones didn't, one that I bought 6 months ago has done exactly as you describe. Couldn't even tell you how it broke.

I wonder if there is a problem with newer saddles?

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by tommasini

5 years on one (that bike gets the most use) and 3 years on another lesser used bike. No issues here - no sag, padding still like new too. I weigh 75 kilos.

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