Bora crossed with Hyperon - Frankenstein or Adonis?

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by Greg66

I understand completely that there is a sizeable chuck or riders here who regard tubs as the only acceptable tyre for a road bike. That's fine. I understand that. I don't agree with it*, but I understand it.

Whatever view one takes on that, there is a sizeable market for carbon clinchers, and I would guess it is growing. Campy have had their Hyperons out as carbon clinchers for as long as I can remember. For for many, the sexy wheel in Campy's range is the Bora (and reading coloclimber's wheel thread last night reinforced that view to me).

Campy obviously have realised that there's a market for Bora-based clinchers - see the Bullets. But why, I wonder, have they not paired up the carbon clincher rim tech they have acquired from the Hyperons with the deep section of the Boras?

*Not an irrational opinion; I ran LW Gen Is for a year and just didn't "get it". Plus I never trusted that can of gloop (although I always carried it) and so carried a spare tub as well. Seem to defeat the weight saving object. Most unfortunately Mrs 66 could not be persuaded to pursue me in the car with a spare set of wheels.

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