Super Record 11 Rear Mech Failure - any others out there ?

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by fanboy

ImageIMG_0309 by alasdairfraser1, on Flickr

Another one here, happened yesterday after around 5000km. No damage to black spokes, no warning leading up to failure. Taking it to a CSC tomorrow and will update with progress.

Same failure point as all listed above, another data point to add to this conversation.

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by DCnoJ

Wow. I sent mine in for warranty. I'll update everyone as well as to what happens.

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by Franklin

I'm of the opinion that by now we should be very hesistant to keep on pushing the "user-error" line.

Not saying this is a dramatic issue, but that part certainly looks suspect. And if not it's more vulnerable than most other parts.

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by Djo

have had a failure of the cage, different to the above, associated with a chain break

not sure if chicken or egg

will add pic when allowed (1st post)

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by Djo ... osts?wwc=1

crappy i phone pic from the side of the road

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by wilwil

Djo, which part of the mech actually broke? A friends has broken where the bottom composite part hinges on the parallelogram, after 20 miles.

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by AJS914

Dude, he posted that a year and a half ago and hasn't logged on to the forum since May.

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