Cannondale decal removal.

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by Kevin3182

Hey everyone!
Just picked up my new caad10 (iʻll post pics later) and as of now iʻm out of money. at some point iʻll be changing out the bar and stem but for now theyʻll have to do. iʻm really not a fan of the cannondale logos, so how do i remove them? they seem like could just be scratched off, but that would take ages. what household item would work? nail polish remover? if theres already a thread for this let me know.




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by foofighter

I've used carbolift on my C1 brakes to remove the Cannondale logo. It wasn't too bad, but I had to re-clearcoat it afterwards.

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by farm_lim

ritchey logos can be removed by paint stripper. you can try with your stem. no need to clearcoat after as ritchey is anodized black under the clear coat.
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by daj

Acetone usually works.

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by Cleaner

Isopropyl alchohol is a solvent for many commonly used pad printing inks. I have used this to remove printing from anodized aluminum parts but if the printing is under a clear coat this will not work.

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by mellowJohnny

Hey - just noticed your faceplate is installed incorrectly. Each section of the faceplate has a "inside" and an "outside" - essentially it tapers towards the centre of your bar, fat side to outside. If you take the sections off and look closely inside there are arrows stamped inside.

Just in case you are still running it that way...I know this is an old post

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