kcnc c7 and powercordz

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by Jwhelan939

I hope im not covering something thats been done. I did a search and couldn't find anything.

I want kcnc brakes but i also want to use powercordz. At 188lbs I need decent braking power. It sounds like the c7 is much better than the cb1; however, it seems that the c7 isn't compatible with powercordz. Has anyone adapted them to work? Is it possible?

Thanks for any help in advanced!

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by Bianchi10

I'd like to hear some feedback also. I'm same weight as OP and currently using ultegra. I have great stopping power and heard the C7's are MUCH lighter but are "flexy" compared to the ultegra. Im in portland oregon and come down some good hills, so I need good stopping power.

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by drainyoo

Sorry for digging this old thread up, but I have the some questions and figured it's better to keep it in this thread.

Anyone know if it's possible to get the C7 brakes to work with Powercordz?

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