Old Powertap Pro bearing replacement

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by Tiredlegs

Hi guys,

My first post on here :-) the topic of PT bearings seems to be pretty popular but I am struggling to find guidance relating to my PT.

It is an older wired version, with the black battery cover held in place by two screws. It uses the yellow cpu unit and was bought in late 2006. I have NEVER serviced it (honestly) and it works fine and the bearings still feel remarkably smooth. However, it has spent most of its life strapped to a turbo trainer and not outside in all the naff weather.

Anyway, it is about time I serviced it and wanted to know if anyone can help with the following:

1. Who to get the o-rings from for such an old hub
2. I can replace the loose bearings in the drive and non-drive side pretty easily but the booklet contains some pretty harsh warnings about removing the battery pack/electronics to access the sealed bearings i.e. "IT WILL DESTROY YOUR HUB" Darth Vader style warning. Is this true - does anyone have experience servicing these older hubs and getting at the two sealed units buried deep inside?
3. If I decided on new cones, where would i get these from? Similarly this is a steel axle and may need replacement but who carried these older parts?
4. If I needed a new freehub, are these parts readily available and can a Shimano one be used?

I remember reading some years ago about it being possible to use an old Dura Ace axle with a machined down cone (not the cone side machined obviously!) to make the cone part the right length and hey presto, you can use the lighter weight axle, better quality cones and maybe even throw-in some better quality bearings too.

This thing has served me well and it is time (long overdue arguably :oops: ) to throw some love at it. Lots of questions I know but can anyone help?


Can I recommend, please, you use the Search function in the future before starting a new thread. As there are more than a few covering this topic


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