Nokon-to-SIS gear cable connectors

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by alanmclean


I would like to know how best to join a section of Shimano to Nokon gear casing.

I have run my Shimano TT gear cables through the bar extensions. They take a steep dive down from their exit of the bars to the barrel adjusters on the downtube and the SIS casing doesn't handle the curve very well unless I use a long length.

I have some old Nokon housing and internal sleeving which would probable manage the radius better. I would like to run a short section of Nokon from the SIS at its exit of the bars to the barrel adjusters.

How should I make the Nokon/SIS connection?

SIS is 4mm and Nokon is 5mm.

I see Jagwire do a double ended connector but I can only find 4/4mm or 5/5mm combination.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.


by Weenie

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by thisisatest

if you find a shimano step-down housing end cap it has a 4mm i.d. and 5mm o.d. then you can use a 5mm junction. you would have to cut or grind the "nose" off. these came with sti down tube cable stops and bb cable guides, so a lot of shops have piles of these sitting in some dusty box.
jagwire also makes 4mm open black brass end caps that happen to be extremely undersized on the outside, at 5mm.

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