Anyone opened up a Di2 Front mech for servicing?

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by WeightySteve

So one of my Di2 Front mechs has become noisy, shifting a bit sluggish and has a developed a bit of an annoying clicking when auto-trimming.

Bearing in mind its had about 10,000miles over 18 months in the worst kind of weather the UK has experienced in a century! So its well used and I'm not too upset if it needs replacing.

A fix may be possible, but I don't want to destroy it trying, as its currently working and usable.

There's a couple screws that seem to hold the casing for the motor internals on, indicating it could be possible to open this up, clean/lube it, work out what that click is (sounds like the motor is just trying to over trim and hitting a stopper or dropping of the end of a thread and looping round again. Or could be that its all one common problem and a motor mounting point has broke off, which would explain all of the symptoms.

Anyone took one apart before?

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by WeightySteve


So temptation got the better of me.

First, 2 mini screws and the biggie out, allows the cover to be gently seperated from the main body...


Next, slide off the clip-rings from both ends of the "push-rod" (for want of a better name)


Now, the motor body can be rotated around the motor end of said push rod...


Here all my problems are revealed. The click is not a click, its a dry creak. This rod end hinge joint has become practically seized. The motor is having a devilish time trying to force the rod around this joint, its dry creaking when attempting micro-steps, and is causing the motor to whine under extra load.

Lubed up this joint (and the lower one).

Slid the clips back on, rotate the motor body back into place. Case back on, 3 screws in.

Back on the bike and it sounds like new :)
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by goodboyr

Chapeau to you!!!

This should be a sticky!!

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by SDP

great work ..agree needs to be stickied

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by Snicks

you sir, have some serious b@11s

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by thisisatest

i like how it took you all of an hour and one minute to post the first query, sit around waiting for nobody to reply, get antsy, take the der off your bike, take it apart, take pics, post all this new info. you and i must be related!

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by Doolop

OP has all the traits I like in a cyclist.

1) Mechanical aptitude.

2) Understanding that certain components need to be maintained and replaced.

3) Ability to document what they did to fix an issue so that others can do the same.


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by gregalfa

The Great CarboniO

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by natiedean24

Very good work!! Thanks for posting with pictures as I'm sure someone along the way will benefit.

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by bm0p700f

Well done sir :thumbup:

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by shadwell

Now forward to Shimano, and suggest they add a lube port to the external case...

Now do the rear mech... :thumbup:

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by Powerful Pete

Stickied, at users' requests, and given the courage of the OP and the success in the "operation".

Nice work!
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by sled driver

I had the chrome peel/flack off a section of my Di2 front derailleur cage. Called the Shimano rep & they sent me an advanced replacement.

All Di2 products are designed not be serviced in any way (no lube or solvent cleaning recommended)

Shimano offers a 3 year warranty on all Dura Ace components.

You definitely got your monies worth in miles & conditions used. Plus did a great job of troubleshooting & fixing the problem

As the years add up & the warranty is long expired I would diffidently take mine apart to see what makes it “tick” if it gave me problems.
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by borja

well done!

btw, how far you have to dig to reach the electronics? Or is it sealed in plastic?

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by maxxevv

That's something not many would venture into. Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:

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