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YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:51 pm
by BTM
In the market relatively soon for some new wheels. Right now I'm on WH-R500 which came with my bike. Use would be daily rides, and some charity rides, no racing. Not looking for a huge aero profile but a little would be nice. I plan to continue riding on clinchers. Here's the breakdown:

Rider: 200lbs (Down from 220, 180 is my realistic goal, so no I won't be reaching weights where the super light stuff is viable...nor should I need a true clydes build)
Rides: 20-40mi distance, I would say about 1400-1700ft climbing on average, roads are far less than perfect
Price: $1000 give or take

Nimble Fly
Pros: good reputation for being strong & light, custom build to my weight
Cons: braking on carbons, I've read the hubs could be better, 28mm profile to small?

Dura-Ace 7900 C35
Pros: al brake track, also have good reputation for climbing, better hubs
Cons: I may be too heavy, 35mm profile too big for roof rack?

Right now leaning towards the Nimbles...Or any other suggestions?

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:03 pm
by NealH
You're not too heavy for the C35's, as they have no weight limit. Nor do the C24's. Best wheel on the market in my opinion. I have two pairs and need to replace one as my rim dimples have disappeared meaning the rim life expectancy has been fulfilled. I'm planning on getting another pair.

The DA wheels have light rims and probably the best hub on the market. They climb with ease, ride very well and are plenty stiff enough (the C35 is a little stiffer than the C24). They are superb wheels.

My carbon wheels just sit in the closet.

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:43 am
by eric
Is Nimble recovered from the fire and making wheels again? It would appear not from their web site but sometimes web sites don't get updated.

Low profile light carbon wheels are not right for your parameters. You don't do much climbing, you're not racing, you're on rough roads, you don't want to spend what it takes to get good carbon wheels, and you're heavy.

Aero wheels perform better on all courses except pure hillclimbs (assuming a reasonable weight difference). I only use low profile super light carbon wheels in hillclimb races. If descending or flat is involved, even if there's 15,000' of climbing, slightly heavier aero wheels will perform better according to my calculations. Given what you're riding, if you were racing I'd recommend aero wheels. But since you're not, it's not worth dealing with the funny handling in cross-winds. Get some nice hand built wheels with good aluminiumn rims and have a trouble free ride. Or get the better Shimano wheels- they make good durable wheels.

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:48 am
by Zitter
I agree with NealH. I just bought a pair of c24's and have been racing on c50 tubulars after borrowing my friend's c24's for a month. Probably the best clinchers I've ridden. Definitely recommend.

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:01 am
by BTM
Thanks for the comments. I actually almost picked up a set of used 7850 C24s but the seller and I couldn't agree on price. I've never heard a bad thing about the Dura-Ace wheels whether they are 7850 or 7900, just that 7900 has the better hub.

As far as Nimble making wheels...I guess their site doesn't look too promising. I would just always get linked to the Fly specific page from googling.

Eric - your comment makes sense, and yes I'd just be looking for a good, comfortable, all purpose wheel, and obviously lighter is always a plus. Especially after this weekends' and today's ride, crosswinds are only gonna get worse for me, and I can basically count on them all spring, and all fall. What custom build would recommend, perhaps?

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:44 pm
by Estelja
Catbon braking surfaces and charity rides don't mix real well. Too many panic stops needed as the 15 yr. old on the DH bike with fenders pulls out right into your line.

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:11 pm
by thisisnotaspoon
Open Pro's on shimano hubs? Probably build that for under half your budget. Or save some weight and money using Novatec/SOKIN hubs off ebay. They'll last day in day out use and when the rim wears it can be replaced with whatever you fancy. If you wanted aero and clydesdale then maybe DT RR-585 rims, 24 front 28 rear sapin CX-ray on your choice of hubs? I've got lighter rims on my mountainbikes so should be stiff and strong!

I'm arroud your weight and went for Stans Alpha's and wouldn't recomend them. They feel lighter than the WH R-550 they replaced, but I'm sure the rear is flexing far too much whiclst standing and there's an odd handling chareteristic where the front feels like it's tucking under (like the understeer you get with shoddy technique on a mountainbike) except it comes when you apply the correct technique of leaning the bike over and twisting hips round the corner and saddle into inside knee, i.e. when you're applying the maximum load axialy on the front wheel causing it to flex. Cost me about £280 which is about $500?

On the one hand it seems a shame to ruin nice wheels riding them every day. On the other hand you often see nice wheels on ebay that have only been used for sunday best or a few races going for peanuts, which also seems a waste having nice wheels and not using them! That's why I like cheeper handbuilts, doesn't matter how often you trash them and everything is replaceable. The way I ride my mountainbike I get through more rims than I do tyres!

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:19 pm
by eric
I'm not a fan of Open Pros as they tend to make annoying rattling noises, and to crack. They're also not very stiff laterally so they make a weak wheel. I'm hard on rear wheels due to my out of the saddle climbing style so laterall stiffness is important to me. It may or may not be to you.

I'd recommend Shimano DA or White Ind hubs with Kinlin rims- I like XR270s, which weigh the same as OPs but are stiffer (and "aero", but at only 27mm deep, not much). There's some newer wide rims from various manufacturers that are supposed to be good although I have yet to try them.

If you want to spend less, BikeHubStore hubs are good for the price. They're a bit lighter than the DA or White hubs too.

Re: YAWT: Nimble Fly, Dura-Ace 7900, or ???

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:52 pm
by BTM
Thanks for the thoughts and comments to everyone - exactly why I posted this. I had never thought about having a custom set built up for me but that does sound enticing as well. So I'm basically looking at the D/A C24s or an aluminum build, I'll look up all the recommendations for rims and hubs made and try and see what works best for me