m5 Hubs?

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by swang169

Anyone have experience with these hubs? Tried to search "m5 hubs" but the search engine would not allow it because it was too vague for some reason. Here is a link: http://www.m5-ligfietsen.com/site/EN/_m ... rear_hubs/

Anways, these hubs looked interesting to me. They are pretty light, but the question is are they durable? How smooth do they spin? etc.

Would be great if someone with first hand experience can give some input, thanks! :D

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by devinci

I recall having seen a picture on here of an..... exploded M5 flanged front hub.....

overall I think they're good though

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by Danton

Light but note the small bearings do not deliver great life or low friction.

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by Fuchspk

nice hubs if you do not use them in the rain, are not an heavy rider and change them after 10000km...
i used an fronthub for around 1000km on normal and some tough roads in spain. my weight was around 83kg + clothes
after that, the bearings were broken and the axel was bend.
i did seen some fronthubs wich were broken at the flanges. for example "nils" from ax showed his broken hub this spring.
his is not an heavy rider and the hub had around 15000 normal km

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by mr_tim

Try google search with 'weight weenies m5' in the search bar. m5 as a search topic is too short for the ww system, so that will work around for you. Perhaps the ww admin guys could incorporate a google search bar rather than the internal engine ?

On the m5 stuff:

The front hub has a weight limit - forget about it if your < 70kg. For the weight & price you could consider tune hubs which will build a more durable wheel, to name just one.

The rear hub seems good enough given the feed back that is out there. I think it was in the fairwheel bikes big hub review. The main gripe about m5 would be that the aftersales is kind of patchy, as you will be likely to be purchasing direct from the manufacturer & they are hit & miss on doing things straight away / promptly. I think one of the more vocal users of the m5 rear was/is tochnics so perhaps pm him for feedback?

If you are spending around £300 on a rear hub which is not supa light, perhaps consider the alchemy hubs which are still fairly new to the market. They do seem to be the new market leader for a durable / interesting / not too heavy / boutique hub.

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by swang169

mm so I assume these would not be the best hubs to train on.

I've heard that tune hubs have some creaking issues, especially the rear hub?

I think I will either go with tune or dt240s then

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by Leloby

I wouldn't use M5 anymore. 1 rear hub left flange cracked and 1 freewheel mechanisms failed after TWENTY SIX miles, resulting in a lengthy warranty case and a final insurance settlement. Covered the wheel and some componentry damage but didn't cover the frame which was a Specialized Roubaix - ruined.

Tune seem a better option, especially now the creaking has been engineered out. No problems with the M5 fronts however - they seem OK, and pretty bombproof if the bearings are replaced with really good units after the originals wear out. 100kg max on spoke tension.

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by mr_tim

Tune rear ds flange is larger & better spaced than 240s.. most hubs in fact seem to be better spaced than a 240s rear hub, if your looking for a stiff rear wheel that is.

It all depends on what your using the hub for. 240s is going to last a really long time - the build is really well worked out (barring the silly flange placement). But with a low profile box rim its never going to feel that solid if your < 70kg... what's important to you?

If you open to ideas, really you'd do well to check out the fwb review - http://fairwheelbikes.com/forum/viewtop ... =65&t=6940

Don't forget to consider record / duraace hubs btw. Often overlooked but really good quality & usually pretty competitive £ wise once you shop around on them... which you won't get with the boutique stuff.

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by tochnics

i can only tell for my roadhubs
for info from m5 email is terible, calling always work
99,9% of the dutch people speak english so calling works
my 2 cent here:

pro s m5 rear:

light @ 185 grams
looks goods
runs very smooth
can have campagnolo or shimano body
can fit in a135 mm frame with another left axle end piece
price is reasonbel but still a lot
rear hub feels stif, axle is quit large and milled out

rear hub negative:

my older hub works only with sr 11 cassettes with spacer, proberly sorted out now i hope for newer ones
choice of spoke choices numbers is low
left flange is very small, a revolution spokes goes thru a spokehole without much bending but a competition needs a bit more wich is not nice
older hubs dont take quick releases smooth in the axle because of the internal m6 thread (that should be a allen fit ) rubs against the thread of the rod of the quickrelease,proberly sorted out now to i hope for newer models

fronthub sl pro s:

very light,24 spoke hole weighs 38 grams
flange space is wide
heavy user hub availebel

front hub sl negative:

not many spoke number choices
24 spoke does not take radial
bearings are grindy ( the heavy user hub is supposed to be better )
bearings weare quicker then normal ( ditto for heavy user version )
price is a tad high
low weight limit

i replaced the rear hub of my budget climbing wheel with a dt240
because i needed a 28 spoke number version
its also not prefect but its a treu and tried hub thats barely more heavy
the ratchet upgrade shaves about 5 grams
with a decent rim the small flang distance sides should be not that big of a problem

if the m5 rear hub had a slightly larger left flank and the other fitting isseus sorted then it would be lots nicer then it is now
in the end not much hubs are perfect,but mayby c4 and kozak have better deals
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by prendrefeu

Yes, this is pulling up a thread from years ago - but:

Are there any reviews/insights into the M5 Straight-Pull Front Hub?
The flanged variation had qc issues, but I can't seem to find any decent word on the straight-pull variety.

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by Tinea Pedis

I've no issue with pulling up old threads Prend :D

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