Cosmic Carbone SLR in Tubular?

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by dogrange

I have a pair of the CCU Ultimates and love them. I rode the CC SLR (with Exalith brake track) at a demo day last Spring and liked the exalith braking, stiffness and look a lot, but I don't want clinchers. Anyone know if there any chance of the CC SLR (with exalith) coming in a tubular configuration? I read somewhere that some of the pro teams have them, and any line on buying a used pair would be appreciated too (assuming they won't be commercially available) . . .

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by Wcl4

Haven't heard of such a thing - but I would love a tubular set of SLRs myself, so if you hear they're consumer available, I'd appreciate a shout as well!

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by tharmor

I remember Liguigas using team-issue only SLRs during the Giro d'Italia not this year, but last (I believe it was). They exist but just like the R-sys Ultimate, Mavic doesn't reveal any plans on making them available to consumers.

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by MavicZack

The Cosmic Carbone SLR tubular wheels are made for pro teams only. They're favored for spring classics, wet races (where the aluminum brake track is superior), and other special circumstances. Sorry but no plans to make them available at the consumer/retail level. I think there are many reasons but chief among them is relatively limited demand. Most people seem to want carbon clinchers!
I've no idea if the pro teams ever sell their stock but that's something you could look for. Although it's doubtful because Mavic doesn't build these wheels for them every season. It's kind of a once and done thing.
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by ElChaba

I have a pair of tubular Mavic Cosmic Carbones from about 2004. They are the single best piece of cycling kit that I own. In tubular form, they were incredibly hard to get even back then. I know that the demand is not great, but as long as the parts are available (after all, they are assembling them for their sponsored teams from time to time) Mavic could make a small batch, not catalog them, and make them available "upon request". I would buy another pair.

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nope.... teams only. They (obviously) make the rim. Its also the same rime they use on the Comete Road. Why they don't sell it to us is beyond me. Further, why they don't do a reflex exilith rim is also beyond me. Make the $200 a rim and they'd still sell a ton of them. They be awesome cross and pave wheels. They're French and they do stuff the French way.

AS an aside, I have 2 pair old CCSLs from the last year they made them in tubbie and they are far and away my favorite wheels. Just wish they were we bit lighter.

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