Extralight rear hub question

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il professore
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by il professore

Ok so I have an extralight slx rear hub. I went against my rule of never working on my own stuff- and I changed my cassette. I didn't torque the lockring properly and it came loose during a (century) ride and I was unable to pedal (all locked up). Anyways I torqued it down back at the start and continued on my way. Everything seemed fine but today I was descending the local mtn and as I freewheeled I could feel/see the hub trying to engage.

What's up with that? Did I torque the lock ring too much (no I didn't bother with a torque wrench) :shock:
Is something damaged irrevocably inside?
With the cassette off I try to spin the freehub backwards and it is really stiff.

any comments are appreciated..

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by Werdna

I've never had a chance to break one of those hubs open yet,
but it seems like there is a seal either misplaced, put in backwards, improperly etc.
If anything else was wrong with it the freehub would either be locked up or not engaging.

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by madcow

It's possible when tightening the cassette you tightened the micro adjuster as well. The only things I can think of is something out of place inside the body or the micro adjuster is too tight. Whatever it is should be repairable.

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