Colnago Tecnos2000 vs. CAAD10

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Elrey

Not quite sure if it's the right place to post it, but i'll try non the less.

I own a Colnago Tecnos2000

And i ride it around 2-400km. a week. No racing. As you can imagine. It's not very light. But it does the job and i don't feel it's flexing or anything. So all n all. It's a great bike for me. BUT!! It's not very light. I know i could change the components to something lighter, but it's a classic so that would be a shame.

My question here is.

I'v been looking at a Caad10 with my Record group. Would that be a lighter better bike for me, or could i just as well keep my Colnago?
I would love a lighter bike but i don't have that much money.

Hoping for some good help here, and not just by this insted because it's way more pricey or this is all about test, go home

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by bikerjulio

If you think of weight as frame + components + wheels, then you are not going to save much over the Campy group, a little on the frame, and wheels?? who knows?

I'd start by looking at wheel/tire/tube weight you have now and perhaps asking the question again.

I know this is WW, but a pound on the bike as a whole is not going to make any difference, especially if you are comfortable on it now.
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by Illuminate

Your bike is stunning - please don't sell her!

Wheels would be an easy place to start to nipp off some grams whilst still looking tasteful. How about some 23mm carbon clinchers (or akin)? Coincidentally, front wheel aesthetics is the only thing I would really fault your bike on - the triplet lacing pattern on a front wheel is pointless from a theoretical POV and just looks like a wank.

As I said, she's stunning. What you have is something special. A cannondale is a brilliant bike in its own right but just isn't special. When seeing one riding down the street, I think to myself... meh.

All the best,

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by Elrey

Thanks, i know is a pretty bike. But it's "heavy" around 8,5kg.
I'v just heerd so much good about the CAAD10 so i thought it would be a huge different fromt my Tecnos.

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by gravity

the fact that youre even thinking of selling that and buying CAAD10 to replace it is enough for me to think that youre insane!

That's a beautiful bike, and like the poster above, a very special bike too. If your main concern is weight, i'd just buy a new wheelset, lighter stem any maybe lighter pedals too. but never the frame!

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by ticou

Lovely bike Dude, 8.5kg is the same weight as Bernard Hinaut's lightest machine when he dominated the tour. I think you'd be happy upgrading the wheels two notches to Zonda's. My modern steel is only about half a pound lighter.

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by Elrey

Maybe thats the way to go then. Lighter components and spare the frame. Thanks. I'll give it a try.
If any one disagree, please let me know.

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by Dimitri

i have recently made a similar progression. from steel to alu, my bike went from ~8.5 to ~ 7.5 and it is a whole different riding experience.

if my steel bike was anywhere near as nice/nicely done as yours id have kept it though.

a caad isnt a bad idea. i have a CAAD 7 currently as my 2nd bike and i enjoy riding it just as much as my BMC.

switching you current groupset though onto a caad frame i dont really like the sound of.

alu' bikes are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence. a number of the bigger brands all offer ~ 1200g frames plus some smaller manufacturers have some interesting and equally as light options.

as this thread demonstrates -
viewtopic.php?f=10&t=100671" onclick=";return false;

you can build something respectfully light without breaking the bank!

maybe just build a 2nd bike, alu + sram + some custom built wheels and you can easily get to 7kg and under.

just a thought!

Phill P
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by Phill P

That 'nago is a thing of classic beauty, but would anybody even bother to look twice at a CAAD10?

But really if you want to put your mind to rest as the difference in the two bike - go ride a CAAD10.

Ibet you would enjoy your riding more if you invested some mroe love into the 'nago.
Some neutrons
Good tyres
pullies, a tuning kit, and various coloured bits and pieces to your taste.

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by kgt

You don't race so you don't need anything lighter. This frame is a classic, I find it strange you are not already in love with it. Invest in a lighter, tubular wheelset and enjoy it as much as you can.

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by Elrey

I have 3 Colnago's
2 Tecnos. 1 Tecnos2000 and 1 Tecnos Soft Paint.
- I'm falling in love, i'm still in love. I was just wondering if the CAAD10 would be an eye opener.
I have more or less set my mind to some lighter wheels now. Think i'll browse the threads for some lightweight custom wheels.
Don't know about switching the cockpit. It's pretty stiff and light for alu.

Allready change the pully's to some tacx ceramic and there some Planet X TI skewers in the mail.
@Phill P what do you mean, when you say tuning kit?

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by topflightpro

What size is your Tecnos?

I might be willing to trade you my Caad 9 for it.

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by Elrey

topflightpro wrote:What size is your Tecnos?

I might be willing to trade you my Caad 9 for it.

It's a 58 but i'm not trading it for a 9'er.

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by RLB

You should decide for yourself what suits you best. Find a dealer with the Caad 10 in stock and take it for a test ride.
Otherwise I would like to second the advice given on upgrading to a nice set of Neutrons and better tyres if weight is the main concern.

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by Colonia

Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that a setback seatpost flipped forward? :unbelievable:

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