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by djm

Canyon Ultimate AL :-)

by Weenie

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by SaXoB

If you can afford it, go with a caad10 or canyon ultimate al, wich are super aluminium frame. For a little less money, same stiffness, I would consider Velocite Selene. Cheap, raced geometry and really stiff.
https://www.velocite-bikes.com/velocite ... meset.html

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by brearley

I'm looking for a new race frame for this year.

would like something slightly different and looking for up to £800 if I think it's special enough
what are my best options?

I'm looking for a 54cm top tube but a quite short head tube.
needs to be strong, stiff, light and have internal cable routing.
unless anybody has anything desirable 2nd hand what are my options new?

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by shoopdawoop

I would suggest a used caad 10 or caad 8; indestructible, stiff and versatile. Doesnt have internal routing but why is that a requirement? The other option that I would look into is a chinese open mold frame like an FM066 or something like that. I raced a rebadged carbon frame last year to many wins, they are pretty good bikes in general.

Hope I helped

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by Monkeyboy3333

Sigma have or had last week caad frame for 540 quid in the uk

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by TerribleCadence

thisisnotaspoon wrote:Out of interest, whare are you guys getting these frames, CAAD10 and Alez are only available as full bikes in the UK?

The CAAD10 is avialble as a frameset option this year, limited numbers though and from memory a black/silver colour scheme only. Have a word with your local dealer as Cadence in Bath can get them for sure.
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by theosaurus

What about the Pro-lite cuneo? I race one myself and it's brilliant plus it was only 130 quid.
yes, but how much does it weigh?

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by brearley

I don't think I was clear with wanting something a bit unique.
I was offered a starley as a race bike but that didn't really excite me. Would I be better stumping up the extra and going for something like a felt f1 which I can get an awesome deal on?

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by Janman

How about a Canyon Ultimate Al?
Pedal it!

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by Hoodsanddrops

You can get a aluminium Dolan for £99

I cant think of a better deal anywhere.

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by Biplrsaba

Storck Vision Light or Visioner. Went with Vision Light and could not be happier. Would have gone Canyon Ult AL if Canyon could somehow get over themselves and find a way to the US.

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by brearley

so i ask for something unique and different and so far have been given 3 of the most common frames out there.
i'm looking for something like a gaulzetti but cheaper.

does anybody know of any carbon frames with isp, horizontal top tube and standard sized tubes. i'd also like to have my own colour scheme on it if possible?

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by NealH

Allez OSBB. Its knocking on the door of the best available, at a fraction of the cost.

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by phlip

Yes, an inexpensive Gaulzetti alternative would indeed be great. I'd happily pay up to 1000 € for a Gaulzetti, but certainly not 2800 €.

Did you have a look at the Pro-Lite Cuneo? Fellow Weightweenie FilmAt11 used it for a very impressive build: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=100671

by Weenie

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by brearley

think i'm going to go chinese with this, have enquired about a few dengfu and hongfu frames and will make a decision once i get a price on these. some of the geometries seem a bit dodgy so i will have to make a decision. I have a guy to do a spray job for me whatever i end up buying.
i'm currently racing a giant tcr alliance frame so i don't think any of the suggested would be a major upgrade on this.

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