Upgrade wheels on Seven or go Wilier Cento 1

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by 9x12man

Firstly thanks for all the replies. I knew I could count on you lot for a good and varied set of opinions! Exactly what I was after.

The Frame
I'm going to test ride the C59 first to get an impression of the ride quality. There is no point going too much further without a test ride. Going to put my current wheels on it too, so I can get as close to a like for like comparison. However the problem is finding a Cento 1 SR to test ride. Every shop is 'to order' only. So if there is anyone out there who has ridden the 101 SR, opinions would be greatly appreciated.

I considered other frames, but these two just keep coming back into my mind. I'm sure there are lots of great frames out there, but for me there has to be an element of 'heart' in it. You know those days where you can't get up for that training ride - thats where the bike comes in, pulling you out there. So the choice is part research and part heart.

I did ride a Cube Agree over the weekend, which I know is in a different price bracket, but it gave me a small insight. The frame did not have the same spring as my titanium (expected) - it just felt less lively. However it did seem to get up to speed better, the BB was much stiffer and it held speed very well. So a carbon frame with a little more life in it would be just perfect. I'm willing to sacrifice a little liveliness, for the stiffness. Maybe the C59 lugged design is what I'm after.

I did think about altering the Seven to suit my new preferred ride preferences. However it is a very expensive route. If I was to upgrade the fork, mess around with the rear triangle, and paint the frame (so everything felt new again), I'm looking at at about £2,000. Thats close to the price of a Cento 1 SR. It just didn't seem like a viable route to be honest.

I'm not going to sell the Seven. It has been my faithful ride for far too long. I could not sell it. My original plan was to keep the 10sp cassette, replace the crank with a single ring, paint the frame black, no logos and a cheap finishing kit. That way I secretly get to ride an amazing frame forever. Plus if I hate carbon in a year, I can resurrect the Seven.

The Wheels
Someone mentioned Boras and 404's. These wheels are just too deep for my requirements. If I rode Boras in the mountains, I would literally be laughed off the road. My feeling is that they would be just too dangerous in a cross wind on narrow roads. I'm willing to change my impression if I'm wrong! I liked the Enve's because they looked really solid, not too deep and Chris King hubs. There did not seem to be a compromise to them and looked like a wheel I could ride for years. However I'm sure the same could be said of other wheels too.

The Groupset
I'm moving in the Record EPS direction. Why pay more for the same effective performance? I do want to go electronic though. However it is the last element to change. If I run out of cash, I can always move the Chorus 10sp over for a couple more years of shifting. It is still a great performer.

So I will try out the C59 and some Enve's and see what all this carbon movement is all about.

So if anyone wants to chime in on ride impressions of the Cento 1 SR .....

by Weenie

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by Wcl4

The SR isnt expected out til October so we mere mortals (at least me) arent going to have the chance to ride one until then. What about mavic cosmic carbone ultimate wheelset? They're 1195g tubular and on sale at Competitive Cyclist (dont know what shipping to you would be)? Although they're not Lightweights, they do come in pretty light, from a reputable company, and are pretty affordable, especially on the used market. I've owned two pairs for a year and a half. But then again i dont ride in the mountains.
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by wingguy

Wcl4 wrote:Can you try out a Wilier Cento SR before you buy? I owned an Cento 1 and loved the quality of the "magic carpet ride" so much, I upgraded (or maybe downgraded) to the Cento 1 SL. Although the SL is lighter, I was surprised to find that its ride quality delivered significantly more road feedback in a harsher way. From what I've read, the SR is going to be even stiffer than the SL, and was not designed as a comfort bike but more as Wilier's entry into the aero frame market.

I think you've got confused somewhere. The Imperiale is Wilier's 'Aero' (ish) bike, the Cento SR is built to do all the same things as the previous Cento1s, just that bit better.

A colleague has had his SR for about a month now and says it is an extremely comfortable but responsive ride (though that is compared to an Addict). If it's anything like my Zero.7 to ride (which I hugely prefer to the C59 I tried) it'll be a lovely place to spend 100+ miles.

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by Wcl4

Yes you're right the Imperiale is their current aero bike, but to me it's so damn ugly, i dont even consider it. bicycling.com/bikes-gear/new-bike-gear-previews/first-look-wilier-cento1-sr basically talks about how the SR is a bike that has both aero and lightweight qualities. I suppose its the new trend like the Foil, TMR01 etc.

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by wingguy

Well, Bicycling magazine is wrong (or at least making a mountain out of a molehill), the SR is not an aero bike like the Foil or the TMR or the new Madone.

If simply having an aero fork or seatpost makes it an aero bike then fine, it's an aero bike - but then so are the Giant Defy and TCR carbon models, the Pinarello Dogma and to some extent every single bike out there.

See it in the flesh and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

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by Wcl4

The bike incorporates the Kamm tail shaped tubes as are a lot of other new frames. Granted it's not optimized for aerodynamics like maybe the S5, it does try to blend all of the best attributes (weight, strength, aerodynamics) into one frame.

http://www.wilier-usa.com/en/products/r ... /cento1sr/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

How much of an aero bike it is is debatable.

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by mrowkoob

The Imperiale has now gone out of production. I´ve got an SR on order. I´ve had the Cento1 and SL before that. Let you know when I get it although it´s a custom paintjob I dont expect to get it until next sprign before the season starts. I´ve had the Colnago extreme power and it was a big dissapointment for me. Apples and Oranges I guess.
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by wingguy

Wcl4 wrote:The bike incorporates the Kamm tail shaped tubes as are a lot of other new frames.

Yes but like I just said, on the fork and the seat post. It is not an aero kamm-tail everywhere bike like a Foil, TMR or Madone. And I have literally put an SR next to a Foil. And I don't mean literally the way people say it when they mean figuratively. I mean I've actually been looking at them side by side for the last month.

How much of an aero bike it is is debatable.

It is as much an aero bike as a Giant Defy, a Pinarello Dogma or anything else that has a non-round seatpost (and every bike has an aero fork anyway). But that's it. The SR is not sacrificing any ride quality to be an aero bike because it isn't one.

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by sawyer

Have you considered Look? IME their frames have the lively quality you're after. Don't buy a Giant for that - not that you would anyway :wink:
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by sleme

Talk about things in common! I owned a Seven Marathon Ti (as per the axiom but non custom made for the Asian market) and I now have a c59 running record 11 and a 2011 cento 1 with sr11. The seven was running record 10. Did I regret selling the seven? Yes. Not only is it beautiful and rides wonderfully it is also such an easy bike to keep and run. Also its rare in my part of the world. Feel special riding it.
The seven does feel a bit soft and sluggish as compared to the carbon bikes. Less aggressiv.. I guess after 5 years of having the 7 as the sole bike, i wanted a change in flavour.

With the arrival of the carbon bikes, I also felt that I was riding the 7 much less. Having said that whenever I got back on the 7 it always felt like "coming home". As consolation, I sold the 7 to a good friend. It deserves to be ridden and treasured. Very special bike.

Between the 2 current carbon bikes this is my take. C59 feels very firm. A bit unforgiving for my heavy bones and rubbery legs. Maybe its the name that invokes the feeling of invincibility but its no mistaking that it was made to be raced hard. Is much much more bike than I can ever be a cyclist.

The cento1 has a more springy and spritely feel compared to the c59 which feels more solid and firm. Its also more comfy and compliant to the c59. Less aggressive.

Good luck with your hunt!

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by 9x12man

Thanks for the ride comparison sleme.

Ok so I am 95% certain to be migrating the Seven to a 10sp / single chainring, painted black, low priced finishing kit setup. This allows me to change my mind in a year when I regret moving to carbon!

At the moment I'm leaning towards the Cento 1SR. Partly price, partly heart, partly recommendation. I know the C59 is on its way to being an iconic frame, but its £1,000 more expensive! I will still ride both if I have the opportunity. I can easily get hold of a C59 to test, but anyone know of a shop in London that has a Cento 1SR? Even to just eyeball. Sigma can order, but don't have one in stock.

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by elviento

Not sure if it's late but my vote goes to the Wilier (actually that's pretty much my standard answer if someone asks whether to get a new bike).

The Axiom can be kept as well. IMHO, no stable is complete without some ti in it :D
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by airwise

Bit late but my vote goes to the Seven.

I've owned an Axiom for seven years. In that time many a carbon superbike has come and gone. The Axiom was recently treated to a new gruppo and is like new.

Sure, on a mountain in France or Italy, the Cervelo/Cannondale/S Works etc "feel" like they getup to speed quicker but the ride computer seems to disagree as does the Powertap.

I've ridden maybe 40,000km in the last couple of years. I've always had the choice of carbon superbike or Seven. I reckon the Seven has done well over 30,000 of those kms.

Riding in the UK it's a no brainer. The Seven is so much quicker and more comfortable/secure on the appalling road surfaces.

Still. You'll never know until you've scratched the itch. I did. All of my plastic bike kit is going up for sale soon.

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