"Aero" Road Helmets that are not TT helmets?

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I will snag the Giro air attack w/lens as soon as it comes out, looks OK for cooler ride days and should give some advantage in a 25+ mile race.
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by SpoonMan

My Specialized Prevail is also supposedly (amongst other things) an aero helmet. I can't see it either.
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by Krackor

This one doesn't require any mid-race trips to the car, and even reduces total weight!


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by bobbyOCR

prendrefeu wrote:
For example, part of the reason why the Toyota Prius gets such "high" gas mileage isn't necessarily that it is a hybrid, it is the body shape and details in the design that minimize drag. Drag is in large part affected by the way the air ends off of the object.

Yup. Since we're primarily talking about pressure drag, they just need to push the separation region as far back as possible. TT helmets and tube profiles are now using less streamlining and more boundary layer manipulation to lower the pressure drag. The vortex vanes on LG's vortice helmets and the 'tripwire' on BMC's new tube shape are examples. They just need to keep the flow attached to the helmet.
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by Franklin

prendrefeu wrote:I am also not an engineer, but taking a look at the 'aero' claims by LG (Course Helmet) and Carrera (Radius/Razor) it seems that these two offerings are attempting to maintain ventilation while allowing for some aero qualities of the helmet overall

I know enough of aerodynamics to understand there is more than making it look like a tear drop ;)

But that said I think the Carrera looks completely generic... not different than the average Giro. I'm sure I'm missing something, but the problem is that only a few salesmen put it up as aero, Carrera themselves seem rather sparse with info. :noidea:

RADIUS, Revolutionises the Pro helmet. Developed using the innovate "ATF" (Aluminium Tech Frame) system, Radius offers the best aerodynamic penetration (CX) which is synonymous of optimised internal ventilation and less frontal air resistance.*

Nice words, but best compared to what? Best of every road helmet? Best Carrera?

Not saying other manufacturers don't do the same thing, but with LG and Giro I can see the differences, this helmet looks amazingly generic. But hey, if it works I'll be in line buying one as it sure looks less silly (I need that as I am just pack fodder).

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by dereksmalls

Hell get that Kask TT helmet! I'm sure it would work both ways even without the visor!


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by NWSAlpine

The Kask is great but not $500 great unless racing.

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by 15wilsonwu

Guys, couldn't I just put a condom over a helmet?

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by shoopdawoop

http://university.tri-sports.com/2012/0 ... k-of-aero/

Anyone heard anything about that second helmet? I just got a Bambino and I don't think you would want to use it in anything but a time trial.

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by chiumomo

15wilsonwu wrote:Guys, couldn't I just put a condom over a helmet?

Put a 0.02mm so that no one will notice

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by gregalfa

llhh wrote:Have to say that this topic almost beats "The Freaks" topic!


Awesome. Nice to try one day but unused :lol: :lol:
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by seaneT1

So what is new for aero road helmets today? what will come in 2016? :D

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by mimason

Yikes old thread.

Not a Bontrager fan but the new Ballista is supposed to be among the best now in aero and good air flow. Personally, I have the Evade(venerable) and Protone which are still up there in performance. I ride the Evade in cooler weather and Protone in the summer.

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by F45

After reading the Bikeradar test it's apparent that testing methodology still needs improvement.

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by Nefarious86

Specialized Airnet is meant to be surprisingly aero despite being designed more as a Touring lid from what was said at the dealer event this year.
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