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by Francois_Viviers

Heard some rumoyrs about new Tune components, new bottom bracket that will only work with their ---- six cranks. Weighs 120 grams. And they are testing carbon cranks, under 200 grams for both at the moment. There will be new seats 1 at about 45 grams and one at about 25 grams. There will also be a special edition of ZIPP 202 rims for wheels that will be about 220 grams per rim.

25 grams for a saddle? under 200 for cranks? Sounds unbelievable but comes from a good source. We will just have to wait and see

by Weenie

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

i like my ass too much to ride a 25 gm saddle.

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by Superlite

Where did you hear they are going to be 220g? I don't think thats right. I know someone who has weighed the new rims at 255g and 270g. Target weigh is around 160g I beleive.

Reynolds however has a 220g rim from there Cirro SV Kom wheels.

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by Francois_Viviers

On the Zipp 303 tune got soem special ones for their Skyline wheels that weighed about 250 grams Zipp used to make lighter rims for thier Z range wheels in the first year they came out with the Z3, I think these are probably the rims that Tune got. Looking at Zipp's Rims still vary between normal and Z range normal = 284 Z range 303 260, so I asume this is probably the arrangement that Tune has with Zipp with regards to the 202
These rims are not available to the public though as rim only

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