Best option for carbon clinchers >50mm and <$1000

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by capnc

I normally race tubulars, but I do a fair amount of relatively flat races where I ride to the race and back (I'm in NYC). I'd like to get a set of deep carbon clinchers for use in these races, it would give me much greater peace of mind and I could even go out on rides post race without having to change wheels.

Used wheels, custom builds or prebuilt wheels are all on the table. I'd like something deeper than 50mm and less than $1,000 for the set. I'm going to race these, so the more aerodynamic the better.

The first couple options that jumped into my head were a used set of zipp 404s or the planet x 60mm carbon clinchers. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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by gourami7

You can think about new Flo alu clinchers with carbon fairing 60mm or 90mm and $900

Tri Rig have review here

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by Fourthbook

Others on this forum have praised Boyd wheels: and Williams wheels: http[url]://[/url]. Both are ~$1100.
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by capnc

Has anyone ridden the Flo wheelsets? Any ride reports?

In terms of the boyd/williams wheels Id probably be deciding between a 58mm set or an 85mm set. Besides being more aerodynamic, what would some of the advantages/disadvantages be of the different wheel depths? These would be used for flat to rolling hills races (40-50 mi normally) and criteriums. I'd want the wheel to be able to perform well both in breakaways and bunch sprints.

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by Cheers!

Look for closeouts on Easton ec90s at the end of the year.

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by Snicks

They usually tout the deeper wheels as a bit stiffer, more aero as you said but be aware of being blown around in the crosswinds (if it is windy and you're reasonably light) on the deeper wheels.

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by capnc

Does anyone have experience with either the Planet X carbon clinchers, Flo wheels, or Real designs wheels:

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for feedback on flo, head over to Slowtwitch. The owners were members of the forum and essentially took the idea off the ground from that site and so many of their purchasers are members

for feedback on the Planet X wheels, do a search on this forum, there is a thread that I think is a few pages long on the wheels.

not so sure about the Real Design, they almost look like older undimpled 404 rims to me, which is what real design used in the past

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by tonystark

Purchasing a carbon wheelset with basalt braking surface from a store on aliexpress,really happy with it,maybe you can have a try.Here is the link:

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by eric

Did you see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=100162

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