Dura ace 9000 di2 vs Campy EPS

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by Kjetil

18 deg C at the start and an unforcasted drop to 9 deg with heavy rain on a 5 hour TTT means ride hard, stuff yourself, and suffer it out. :thumbup:

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by RichTheRoadie

On one bike I have done exactly what reggiebaseball said - put Chorus on to see if I like Campag (been over 4yrs since I last rode it in anger). If I do, it stays.


Because on the other bike I currently have Di2 (and it's integrated so that frame can only run an internal electronic setup). Every time I shift I feel the inferiority of the Di2 button press.

If I like the Chorus on my Risotto then my Cornetto will be getting EPS. SImple as that. The biggest issue for me is finding a way to actually fit the EPS brain onto my Corretto, and that might mean waiting for the next incarnation.

On the subject of which, I'm not speculating that there will be one - more that from what I've been told the main issue with the EPS 'DTI' (brain / toaster) is that the circuit board in it is MASSIVE (i.e. it's nothing to do with the battery). This is also what's preventing aftermarket versions as it means knowing how the circuit board is made and shrinking it down, which is basically unlikely to happen.

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by thisisatest

My boss rode the 9070. Hes ridden 7970 extensively before that, and has confirmed that the button clicks on 9070 feel much more substantial.

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