New RED crankset is ordered, which bb should I get ?

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by Wadl

Hi guys,

finaly ordered a RED exogram compact crankset yesterday.

I don't know anything about SRAM parts (!).

Can you direct me over to which bottom bracket I should get (I read that ceramic one are very high maintenance and with a new kid, I don't have much time to put on my bike except to ride it, so I can't really buy it)

any good bb that doesnt require heavy maintenance (like my current Dura-ace that I have, install it and forget it type)?

Thank you !

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by prendrefeu

There are a lot of threads on this already, please search.
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by onikazi

depends on what the spindle on your crank is, generally either gxp or BB30, it should say so on the box. Its also dependent on whether your bike takes external (most) or pressfit (some of the newer frames)

i wouldnt say ceramic bearings are trouble, they just wear out quicker than most.

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by deek

I'm pretty sure it comes with bearings if you buy it aftermarket.

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by Frankie - B


Thank you for using our forum, i hope that it will give you as much joy as it gives most users. A lot of the users on Weight Weenies are pretty good home mechanics and they can give you all the answers you need in about 0.5 seconds. However, the WW community isn't super enthusiastic about users that 'just ask a general question'.
in your case you should add what BB spindle the crankset has and what BB your frame has. There are quite a few options out there nowadays. BSA, italian, BB30 and BB92 to name a few. I would suggest to you to check the spec sheet of your bike and see what bb type it takes. then check what BB spindle you have ordered and see if there is a match. if there is a match, go ahead and order what you need.

You will have so much more pride when you mount and ride that crank and BB on your bike.
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