RS80 c50 worn out

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by quattrings

I was giving my wheels a thorough looking over today and dissapointingly I've found them to be nearly worn out.
The wear indicator on the rim is maybe half a millimeter deep, don't know what the original depth was though.
The wheelset was bought slightly used and the seller said they had done aprroximately 500 km, which seemed feasible, as that special shine on the brake tracks was still present. Under my bike they must have travelled anywhere from 8 to 12k.
They stayed true but both wheels were dinged in a pothole incident. I was able to straighten them without loss of braking performance or pulsating.
They were cared for pretty good, cleaning the brake tracks regularly with wasbenzine, never had to result to scotch brite pads to get the gunk off.
I am not the type of rider who's constantly using the brakes. I tend to use a strong and short brake pulse to decelerate or stop.

So I'm wondering:
Does this wear rate seem fast?
How long now before the rims are entirely shot?
Are the swiss stop pads to blame?
Belgian panic stops and weather got the better of em?

I consulted the Shimano tech documentation and found the replacement part numbers for the rim but replacing the rims will be as expensive as a totally new set.

Really bummed out now, as I loved these wheels :cry:
I guess if I had to find a positive side to this story, they are lighter than the day I got 'em.

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by User Name

Did you do a lot of wet weather riding/braking? I chewed through a front Mavic CXP33 in a few months with a LOT of rainy riding on my commuter bike.

Is the surface noticeably concave?

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by quattrings

No, I ride the trainer on realy rainy days. Of course I got caught out in showers from time to time.
The brake track looks straight still.
I found this picture, which shows how thin these walls are.
I intend to go beyond the wear indicator and keeping a close eye on the rims.

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by 5 8 5

I believe Shimano rims are on the "soft" side like Campag rims. I presume you're using SwissStop Greens?
I use SwissStop Blacks which are softer and less abrasive on my Campag rims. I think by using them you could get a fair few more miles out of your rims.

BTW the Blacks work well in the wet but can wear quickly. I use Greens in the winter.

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by billysan

The wear indicators are very shallow to start with. Are you able to get to your LBS to compare yours to a new set?

My RS80-C24's lasted about 12k, but that was in the UK in the wet and grit.

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by petromyzon

Respectfully, I think you have some favourite wheels and are stressing about them unduly. If you still have wear indicators, which are never that deep to start with, you still have some use. Keep them clean, check them often, go ride them and don't worry.

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