Deda's new stem and handlebar

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by Weenie

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by deermatt

the person who answered the question someone asked about the bars on wiggle says the reach is 109, is that true? If so thats so far.

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by markyboy

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by irongatsby

Okay guys, here's the verdict.


This is a 110mm stem. The weight fluctuated between 108g and 109g, so it's about 9 to 10 grams more than their claim of 99g. I weighed 3 different examples and they all weighed the same. I'd say that's not bad considering it's Deda. It's also worth noting that the stack height is unusually low at 36mm resulting in a very slender looking stem. I like it!

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by Scoops

Ref the reach. If you look at the deda web site there is a catalogue that can be downloaded. At the back is all the tech stuff including reach.

Reach = 75mm
Drop = 130mm

Not sure where wiggle got their measurement.

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by Rippin

Hmm...Deda has published conflicting numbers for their Zero100 bars. Website says the drop is 128mm but the catalogue says 145mm. So who really knows the correct reach and drop numbers for the Superleggera...
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by Kjetil

RHM is 128mm
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by LionelB

Can someone report on the stiffness of this combo ?

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by fifarafa

LionelB wrote:Can someone report on the stiffness of this combo ?

especially comparing it to ZERO100 SERVIZIO CORSE and ZERO 100 :)

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by corky

fifarafa wrote:
LionelB wrote:Can someone report on the stiffness of this combo ?

especially comparing it to ZERO100 SERVIZIO CORSE and ZERO 100 :)

The only differance between those 2 stems are Ti bolts and some red paint....

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by CimaCoppi

I got a black on black superleggero yesterday. It's a nice looking stem, much nicer than the zero100.

I forgot to take a pic of it on the scale but can confirm it is 108.5grams at a 110 length.

here it is on the bike anyway:


oh.. and regarding stiffness, I don't notice it to be different than the zero100, but really, if you want a stiff stem just ride a Thomson X2. The 40 grams isn't going to make any difference, none what-so-ever, if all else is equal. The faceplates on the superleggero are very close together though, which has got to either put more stress on them or allow more flex than a zero100 in my opinion.

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by TeoTri

Very nice but i don't trust it, too thin!

by Weenie

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by carlislegeorge

what is too thin?

TeoTri wrote:Very nice but i don't trust it, too thin!

My 110mm was also between 108-109 grams. Enough difference to make me rethink getting the matching handlebars...


Looks good, though...

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