Bike "looks" question - matching or custom seatpost?

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by Steno

Hi all who are cosmetically opinionated,

Looking to get a Firefly Ti bike and they come with an Enve fork...

I will be matching the fork with an Enve stem as find it kinda balances the front end out (rather than having a Firefly Ti stem).

The part where I am undecided is whether to go with an Enve seatpost to complete the trio or to go with the Ti seatpost including the polished graphics to create symmetry with the seat tube...

Clearly a big issue in the world..... 8)

What say you?

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by Wingnut

Straight Firefly post looks better than the layback IMO...
"It's not the's the ride!"

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by jimh

Hi Steno,

The Firelfy seatpost with the set back doesn't match the rest of the bike - the welded dog leg just looks out of place IMO.

If you need setback - you could get one of the Eriksen ones.

Anyway - just to add to the "dilemma" (life's tough ?? :P ) What do you think of the Thomson seat clamp ?

I think it looks kind've chunky on an otherwise very clean design - I've been meaning to change mine but haven't got round to it.


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by 2011

I personally like to match, but the Firefly seatpost is the exact same design as the ENVE, they even use ENVE hardware. So... it's either black or Ti. Maybe just match the frame.

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