Hollowgram vs. Exogram

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by timzcat

I have now had an opportunity to ride my CAAD 9 with the Exogram cranks. No issues with the slightly wider Q-factor so now I have a conundrum.
Do I go Exogram on the Evo Ultimate and replace the Hollowgrams? Eventually (probably over the winter) I want to get a powermeter and would like to be able to swap between bikes as necesary.
Therefore I would like to have the same crankset on both bikes.

My Hollowgrams in 172.5 50/34 with Praxis clover rings weigh in at 543g

The Exogram in 172.5 50/34 with stock rings weigh in at 523g

So if I went with Exogram with the Praxis rings I would be down to 492g.

Obviously there is a huge price difference and I could almost pay for two sets of Exogram for the price of one Hollowgram set.

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by JureC29

I would say that it's not worth it. Exogram is cheaper, (probably) stiffer, and lighter (even with stock rings, which btw looks AWESOME ).

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by logy

What about the new hollogram sl2? Is it worth upgrading to this or using praxis rings on the old red black chain set on the Evo?

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