Ultimate steel road frame ?

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by Steponas

Which of the major frame manufacturers make high-end steel frames ?
What sort of prices are we talking about ?

Thanks in advance

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by wasfast

Define "major".....

The current larger builders would include Independent Fabrication, Serrotta, Waterford etc. All kinds of small independent builders.

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by rustychain

Quality steel frames are indeed the realm of custom builders these days. Lead times very greatly. Some makers are more into the retro thing but several make high performance road frames.
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by KB

There are lots of people still making steel frames. Depends where you live. There's a link somewhere on here with people's steel frames.

Rusty's is particularly nice IMO by Independent (USA) and is in 953 stainless. There's also builders such as Pegoretti (Italy) who almost exclusively builds in steel including the new Columbus XCR stainless). My own was built by Winter (UK) in Columbus Spirit. If you do a search on Kevin Winter you will see my white Spirit there. Mine came out, fully built, at just over 7kg (15.6lbs), but I could have got it below 15 by going more Weenie.

So there's plenty choice. Colnago still do a steel frame as well.
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by Ramjm_2000

If your looking to wait 5 years plus there is always Vanilla. If you'd like a Richard Sachs it might be too late.

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by Stolichnaya


Case closed. We're done here...

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by synchronicity

Ramjm_2000 wrote:If your looking to wait 5 years plus there is always Vanilla. If you'd like a Richard Sachs it might be too late.

So by the time you get your order filled, you've shrunk to the next smallest frame-size ... :lol:
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by jahknob


As noted, there are a lot of options depending on where you are, what you want and how long you're prepared to wait.

I'm very happy with my Roberts ULT ultralight folding race bike (see:
http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum ... highlight=)

I also have another couple of less "ultimate" Roberts, both of which I am very happy with..


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by mythical

I have a very specific answer for you:


I designed it for myself and a renowned frame builder from down under, who will build them. We're just waiting for the 953 tubes from Reynolds, who are entirely custom spec except for the seat tube. It's gonna be stiff and very light! 8)

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by Sprinter

Nagasawa has closed his list, but was arguably the best.

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by dlight

How about Tommasini? Been looking at the Techno myself.

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by micky

Sprinter wrote:Nagasawa has closed his list, but was arguably the best.

Nagasawa..closed? Really?

portuguese mike
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by portuguese mike

i have a Waterford R33 which i absolutely love. it's a 56cm frame and it came in at aq whisker over 1.4kg (3.1lbs) icluding bosses and seat clamp. Rides fantastically and is beautifully made.

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by lincoln

Custom Baum in XCR/953 would be my pick

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