Shimano 9000 available for pre order - pricey!

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by ricorob

cassette $350, shifter $700, FD $140, RD $280, not to mention having to get new wheels! Looks like a very expensive upgrade to me! It's the latest and greatest syndrome again. :~(

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by crohnsy

Did you think it would be free with the trade in of a 105 group??? :noidea:

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by 12x23

Give it a few months. Also, wait for the Ultegra version and use that cassette for every day.

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by petal666

But you wouldn't buy from Competitive Cyclist unless it was on sale, why would you pre-order from them? If you want to be the first with the latest gear, you need to pay through the nose.

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by brycerider

Agree they always put it preorders at max price to suck in fans. In reality they get stock no quicker than others. Wait and ride what you got till a few places have it and prices settle.

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