Dura Ace 9000 FD compatibility

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by gjash

mitchgixer6 wrote:.5 and .0 what?

mm. That small metric unit.

by Weenie

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by goodboyr

Lol. I guess thats where the rubbing happens........at .0.

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by pixalias9

Hi. I am the author for the article at Second Nature Cycling. I mention the barrel adjuster specifically because to is quite difficult to attain the correct tension of the cable even with a fourth hand tool. Obviously, anchoring and re-anchoring the cable will weaken the cable at that point and the inline adjuster is a great way to dial it in correctly.

Also, if you are potentially a bike shop employee, Shimano provides specific training videos and tests for all of its products and I went exactly step by step through their demonstration and steps and translated it into a more readable language. Their setup in the PDF or hard copy in the derailleur box is well written for install. I felt the video demonstration and another live setup and hands-on practice at the Park Tool Summit was a more thorough procedure to follow and helps prevent techs from setting up the derailleur like previous generations. Because of those four positions, there is a need to anchor the cable first, attain close to the right tension and then begin setting up the derailleur in the low-trim position. The main reason I anchor the cable first is so that cable is pre-stretched by the time you've shifted in from Low Trim to High Trim and the to Low and then to High. Whether you anchor the cable before setting the low limit (0-0.5mm - inner cage plate to chain) or after, it equates to the same setup. I have worked on and installed well over 500 of these since its release and it works perfectly. However, feel free to utilize whatever source enables you to get it right. Lastly, I have updated the article over time. My intention for the whole blog is for it to be a continually improving source from both the readers and from my own shop discovery and experience.

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