What groupo do you ride?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

What are you riding?

Campy Electric
Shimano Electric
Going to change to Campy
Going to change to Shimano
Going to change to Sram
Whatever came on my bike
Total votes: 461

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by Sabracadabra

2013 sram red group set contemplating switching to dura ace di2
2011 Scott Scale Premium
2013 Scott Foil 10

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by tigradekat

7970 at the moment, 9070 next year.

by Weenie

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by konky

It's interesting that Campagnolo have overtaken Shimano. That is if this poll is anything to go by. No suprise as SR 11 is so much sexier than 7900. I wonder if 9000 will turn it all around again.

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by Dimitri

Force of my caad 7.

new Red on my BMC.

no plans to change. new shimano looks good. dont like the lever style on the cable stuff though. electronic to expensive/heavy. UDi2 seems slow.

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by Vagabond

Record. I think the Campagnolo stuff is really beautiful in addition to the marvelous engineering. Besides, didn't Dante describe a circle of hell reserved for those who put Oriental components on Colnagos? :wink:
Colnago e Campagnolo

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by HammerTime2

So Ernesto is going to hell?


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by kgt

It's interesting that Sram's success in hi-end bikes (ww forum bikes that is) is more against Shimano than Campagnolo. It seems that Campagnolo has still a lot of fans in the hi-end category.

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by sawyer

5 road bikes in house:

- 10sp Record with ceramics on two
- 10sp SR/Chorus/Record/Centa

new shape Centaur ergos and ceramic bearings on all the above.

- SRAM Rival on one (partner's bike)
- Shimano Sora on one (partner's town bike)
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by cerro

Got Campagnolo Super Record on my new road bike. After falling in love in Campa at work.
Have Sram Red on my CX but will change it for Chorus next year, Campagnolo is so much better.

But am I one of the few that likes 11-speed more than 10-speed? Had Record 10-speed last year but after riding some with the new levers I like them a lot more.
/jonas l
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by Stefano

Record 10s here. Re: why the 10s love, I think a lot of it is aesthetic too, I find the 10s levers look much better, especially when paired with a nice classic drop bar... Mmmmm

Also, I think they have more of a mechanical feel (which i garther most campy fans like) as compared to at least the 1st gen 11s, which is the only stuff I've tried.

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by Krackor

Rival/Force mixture for me. It's light. It works. It's cheap. Best option for me on a student budget.

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by CimaCoppi

Wow. Shimano the least percent of the three.... that's almost unbelievable.

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by ticou

Well,some peeps have taste, and a love of durable beauty that only Campy provides.

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by istigatrice

I actually voted for Shimano, but I'm actually running Campy on my bike now and love it
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by Weenie

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by Burgunder

I think this statement shows how much our opinions differ, I must say that I'm no great fan on the carbonlook and all the logos ind black, red and white on the higher Campagnolo groups (Athena is the prettiest in my opinion, but I'm also old enough to remember the good old days where all part were silver) even though it probably fits well on all the boring stealth bikes people including myself are driving. I should perhaps note that I'm in no way a fanboy and I would like to try Campagnolo as well as SRAM on some point.

ticou wrote:Well,some peeps have taste, and a love of durable beauty that only Campy provides.

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