What groupo do you ride?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

What are you riding?

Campy Electric
Shimano Electric
Going to change to Campy
Going to change to Shimano
Going to change to Sram
Whatever came on my bike
Total votes: 461

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by btompkins0112

Fa63 can you tell a big difference between the SRAM groups? Thinking of making a switch and trying to figure the best value.

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by ParisCarbon

Record 10s Red Group on my 2003 PrinceSL
2013 Super Record Mech on my Cannondale EVO with 135mm Hollowgram SRM
Record 10s on with Hollowgram SRM on my Slice TT
Various mix of Cmpagnolo 10s on my Stevens Crossike

by Weenie

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by fa63

btompkins0112 wrote:Fa63 can you tell a big difference between the SRAM groups? Thinking of making a switch and trying to figure the best value.

The rear shifting is a bit faster with SRAM Red. Other than that, can't say there is much of a difference.

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by dgasmd

Newest bike: campagnolo super record 11 sp
Next: campagnolo record 10 sp
Vintage: campagnolo Croce 6 speed

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by WileEcoyote

Dura Ace 7800 for me, including the wheelset. It's not the lightest, but it performs flawless for me, everytime. Will probably source a second set for my wife's bike.

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by Ransom

WileE, I second that. DA7800 all the way for me and my Tarmac. Even the cranks.
2008 Specialized Tarmac Pro SL2 Team Gerolsteiner w/ full Dura Ace groupset - 16.09 lbs

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by SpoonMan

DA 7800 on the Scott
Bizarre tri mix of DA/105/FSA on the Trinity
Full Ultegra 6700 on the wife's CR1
Sora on the daughter's Trek

I can't really see any good reason to not go Shimano at this point.
2011 Scott Addict R3 (DA groupset, Tune Skyline RR wheelset, Rotor 52/36 Q-Rings)
2008 Giant Trinity A1 (cheapass 50mm carbon clinchers)
No easy road goes anywhere worth going

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by kman

Chorus 10sod, tuned and with a chorus 11 crankset.
Need a poll.
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by ecguevara

Shimano 105 on my training bike
SRAM Red on my race bike

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by tommasini

2009 Super Record on my training bike


2011/12 Super Record on my primary ride


2012 Super Record on my Epic Ride 12+ pounder (under construction)


So does this allow me to vote 3 times?....I'd hope so!! :beerchug:

If I have a shimano equipped mountain bike do I need to do a -1 of the above? :roll:
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by ticou

You face a Chorus of approval on that note. The emanations from the Via della Chemica are Super, i'd vote in Record numbers too.

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by TuscanySwe

Only campy.

Have had most groups from veloce to super record 11.

Find it hard to notice a a real difference other than weight from centaur up to be honest. Personal favorite is still record 10.

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by lperdido

I am a Campy Record 10 kind of a guy. My current unfinished Colnago build will be SR with Deda cockpit on Zipp 202s.
My current training bike is a C'dale with 105 and Cane Creek 200sl calipers. Also with Deda cockpit.
Its that way, because I needed a bike and it came equipped this way for cheap. While the 105 shifts impecably, the campy is crisper and the lever and button is much more intuitive than the Sram and Shimano systems... at least it is to me, so when I am done building the Colnago, I will upgrade the c'dale to campy record 10.

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by audiophilitis

1st bike -- Campy C-Record (w/ Delta brakes) on a Cinelli Supercorsa SLX frame (circa 1990)
2nd bike -- Campy Record on a Lightspeed Ultimate (circa 1994)
3rd bike -- Campy SR11 Ti on a Time RXR VIP (current)

by Weenie

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by downtube

I had 2004 campy record 10, but i just upgraded to campy record 11 . I have to say both groupo's are fantastic.

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