What groupo do you ride?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

What are you riding?

Campy Electric
Shimano Electric
Going to change to Campy
Going to change to Shimano
Going to change to Sram
Whatever came on my bike
Total votes: 461

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by hasbeen

I thought it would be very interesting to see what all the weightweenies are riding. Seems like we have a great demographic of cyclists here and plenty of people building from scratch. So, what are you choosing? You can post your reasons if you want below but we all must remember that it is absolutely pointless to argue about it.
So, Campy, Shimano, Sram, electric, changing soon (as in already got it in the works), or youre just riding whatever the bike came with.
fyi, you can choose 2.
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 geo......one step racier than a hybrid bike

by Weenie

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by kevhogaz

SRAM Red on both of my bikes. The old, non-yaw stuff!
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by Twinning

Have the new 2012/2013 SRAM red. :)

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by ECT

Two Shimano Ultegra 6700 groups for me, I really love the smooth shifting feel, reliability, Shimano's customer service, the industrial aesthetics and the ability to go into any bike shop around the world and most likely purchase a replacement part immediately if necessary. The only thing that I HATE about it is the weight penalty to comparable SRAM and Campagnolo groups.

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by coppercook62

I have Dura ace Di2 on both bikes. I had it installed on my Cervelo R3 to see if I liked it before commiting to have it on my Crumpton. Needless to say probably wont go back to cables.

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by prendrefeu

My factors for deciding:

$/g ratio
Hood shape

Because, in the end, any group, of any level, will work perfectly fine if you set it up right.
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by nickobec

I need more than 2 votes

SRAM red race bike
Campagnolo Athena/Centaur of the poser/group ride bike
Shimano Ultegra 6600 on my trainer/commuter
about to build crit racer with Microshift group
mixed Shimano/SRAM/Modolo + others on the single speed

nothing electric and likely to stay that way for a couple of years

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by CarpetFibre

It's all about Campagnolo Record 10 Speed! I love those shifter hoods.

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by SDP

bike 1 - red levers & mechs/rotor 3d cranks with CT2 rings 540/38 /TRP920 ( soon to be planet x )brakes/ KMC chain & red / DA cassettes/alligator cables

bike 2 105 levers/ultegra tuned rear mech /rival front mech /alligator cables/ rotor agilis cranks with KCNC 50/34 rings / TRP 920 brakes/ force cassette/ KMC chain

id say the SRAM is better looking & lighter BUT id say the 105 set up is sweeter to use ..

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Campagnolo. The biggest advantage is that I never need any customer service. I just use it until it gets vintage and sell it for more.

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by istigatrice

According to a friend, SRAM is for sprinters and Shimano is for climbers... how many people agree with this statement? Sorry if this hijacks the thread, just thought it was relevant because this thread reminded me of this statement.
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by Rick

SRAM Force on one bike; Shimano DA 7800 on another.

SRAM is perfectly functional, a little lighter, and costs less. I feel like I am shifting a tractor using toy plastic levers though.
Shimano has a much smoother and more refined feel. I think I will go back to Shimano when the 11 speed comes out.
I should probably consider campy too, but it always just seems way to expensive.

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by serbelo

Weenie bike - campagnolo11 speed shifter fd/rd ax lightness brakes thm m3 cranks w/extralite chainring

TT bike -campagnolo 11 bar end shifters brake lever FD/RD lightning crankset

Ordinary bike -campagnolo 10speed straight groupset and zero gravity brakes
Cervelo R2.5
Cervelo P2c
Cervelo R3
Parlee Z3
Parlee TT

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by dchesrown

Campy SR 2012 with AX Brakes on bike one, Campy SR 2010 with Gravitas Brakes on the other 2.

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by tojnom

Road - Campy 10spd Record shifters, brakeset, & cassette w/ Centaur FD & RD, Cdale SI crankset
MTB - Shimano XT crankset, brakeset, shifters, RD, FD, Cassette

by Weenie

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