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by ajxd

I've always been torn on bike fitting. I feel that the places I've been fitted were never great. I've been interested in the Guru Dynamic Fit. There's one about two hours from me (where I travel for work often). Anyone have any experience?

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by KWalker

I have a friend that works at a shop that has a DFU machine. I personally think its pretty cool even though I don't like Guru as a company, but in the end what matters most is the fitter themselves. Retul, BG Fit, and the DFU are all tools and they aren't useful unless the person knows their shit. With bike fits that's fairly rare.
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by ajxd

This is what I was worried about. I was first fitted when I bought my bike by person A. When I bought clipless pedals I was fitted again by person B due to him thinking person A missed something. When I bought a new frame a few years later, person A fitted me again. Now I'm constantly wondering.

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by madcow

The Guru is like the Retul, it's basically a tool for measuring and adds perceived value to the fit. It's not a substitute for a good fitter. A really good fitter with some basic hand tools can do better than a poor fitter with a Guru fit bike. However having said that a good fitter with a retul or Guru Fit bike can do amazing work as well. Basically it's just a long way of saying it's about the person more than the tools.

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by hidayanra

Agreed with Madcow - tools are just that, skill is what matters.

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by ajxd

Thanks for the thoughts. I think I just need to research and find a great fitter in my area then.

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by Twinning

Sorry to hijack but does anyone know of a good fitter for road bikes in San Diego because I know there are a lot of tri bike fitters here. I was reading this thread because there is a guru dynamic fit unit down here in San Diego at moment cycle sport in point Loma

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by campyman099

Check out B&L Bike and Sport in San Diego for fitting.
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