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by thijsken

Hey guys,

could someone give me the correct answer on this annoying question?
rims dt swiss r250 hubs shimano ultegra 32 holes 6700.
What is the correct length of the spokes?

thx mates!

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by bm0p700f

May I suggest that you get hold of two j bend spokes and cut to 200mm in length. Then screw nipples on so the driver flats are flush with the top of the spoke treads. Place the cut spokes with nipples in the rim at opposite end and pull tight and measure the distance between the ends. Add 400mm and this is the ERD.

Then get a pair of calipers and following the instrutions on this site to measure the hub.

Then download this and plug in the measurements and bingo you have your spoke lengths. http://sheldonbrown.com/rinard/spocalc.htm This what wheel builders do and I think it is good pratice to get used to how to do it your self.

An ultegra rims and DT 250 hub (do you mean a 240?) is not a normal combination so maybe some has done it before maybe not.

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by Werdna

I am sure he meant DT R250 Rims and ultegra hubs. There are many resources online nowadays for wheelbuilders, for example;
That should have the DT rim's ERD.
Look around and I'm sure you can find the measurements for the Ultegra hubs.
Plug it into the DT spoke length calculator and you're golden.

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by thijsken

Im gonna test that dt calculator.
It where dt r520 rims my fault :oops:

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