C-4 hub reliability & a few other C-4 related questions

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by Wayne77


This is my first post here - I've been an active participant in some of the other forums. I've seen more discussion on the C-4 line of products here versus elsewhere so I figure I might find some useful info here. Thanks for allowing me to join your community.

Anyway, I couldn't pass up a deal on a pair of almost new C-4 wheels, but I'm just wondering what reliability I can expect from the hubs (I've read reports that range from excellent quality to "run, don't walk" away from these). The build is as follows:

Front: FH-102 hub, 24 spoke radial laced w/ DT Swiss double butted spokes to a white V-22 rim, brass nipples
Rear: RH-225 hub, 28 spoke traditional laced w/ DT Swiss double butted spokes to a white V-22 rim, brass nipples

- Are these two hubs included in the group that are mostly manufactured in the US? (Aren't some of the C-4 hubs completely outsourced?) Can I expect good reliability from these? They seem to spin very smoothly...

-The order sheet just says "DT Swiss Double Butted spokes". The original owner doesn't know exactly which spokes were used. Which spoke do you think it is most likely? Competition, Aerolite? (For replacement spokes over time, I'd rather buy the same). the wheels were ordered directly from C-4, but I can't get ahold of them.

-Anyone have experience with the V-22 rim? How tough is it? Have you needed to true them alot, or have they stayed true over time, with typical abuse of road riding, etc? I really like having a wider C-2 style rim...

-I don't have a decent scale - what would you expect this wheelset to weigh, approximately (not an important question, I know...)

Thanks all!

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by Wayne77

Just thought I'd add a note that madcow/Fairwheelbikes responded via email with some very helpful info - thanks a bunch! Would definitely be interested to hear additional experiences if others feel so inclined, but most questions have been answered. Sounds like the FH102 and RH225 were some of the better hubs made, nice bearings, spokes (since they are round) are likely DT competition, and the V-22 rim is pretty nice. I've always wanted to try a set of HED C2's, so these will be pretty close I think. I've got some Vittoria Open Corsa CX 25's mounted and I can't wait to get outside to try the wheels out once the weather improves.

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by gospastic

I had a wheelset built up last year using C-4 hubs. I ordered them through FWB. I haven't had any issues with the rear, the RH-215. The front has been problematic though. My front wheel was built with the FH-65.

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by TTP

Do your research. Buyer Beware.


http://fairwheelbikes.com/forum/viewtop ... f=3&t=7351

I now have Alchemys with HED Belgium. Fantastic.

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by LouisN

I have two sets of C-4 hubs.
I bought the RH-225/FH-102 combo last winter. They were the "first run" hubs, the bodies made in Taiwan, finishing in the US. My front FH-102 is the smoothest rolling hub I ever felt in my hands, apart from a Campy Record 2006 I had. The rear had an issue with the freehub body, and C-4 sent me a replacement in 3 days in Canada. It took a while to "break", the thick grease (supposed to be Phil Wood ?) in the 4 bearings made it feel like it was molasses. Now, it's rolling very smoothly. I want to try ceramic bearings in there to see if there's a difference. Don't know yet...my RH-225 is around 240g. I think I weighed the front at 105g
I also have the RH-200US rear. Very smooth rolling, straight out of the box. I don't know if they use different bearings than the first run ones, but it shure feels smoother right away. Weight right about on target, at 203g.
I also bought some spokes from them. Nothing to complain there, I always got what I ordered, great prices, right lenght, with the right nipples. I also have both the older and newer UlTi quick release skewers. I prefer the newer ones. Maybe a few grams heavier than the lighter KCNC, but easier to handle for a wheel change. Feels sturdier too.
I can't speak for complete wheels since I build my own, but for me C-4 Bicyclecomponents have been behind their products and giving me excellent service, despite I'm one of those ''cheapskate'' clients ( I didn't buy a lot of pricey items from them)...

Hope that helps...

Louis :)

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by mdeth1313

My rear c-4 wheel has been outstanding- I believe it's a 175 hub. My front wheel had issues- after the 4th try, the front wheel was rebuilt w/ a different hub and now I'm happy, but that took a year and 4 different builds (technically 5 w/ the non-c-4 hub)
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by devinci

I just ordered c-4's new MTB disc hubs. The communication so far as been outstanding.

Hope the hubs reflects that.

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by mdeth1313

devinci wrote:I just ordered c-4's new MTB disc hubs. The communication so far as been outstanding.

Hope the hubs reflects that.

Communication was always good. Only time there was any delay was during interbike.
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by go4custom

I have the FH-50 and RH-170 built on Reynolds MV-32T. (928g). 5 rides in, the front axle broke. Took C-4 about a month turn around to get the hub re-built. 3-4 weeks longer than they said, but great communication every-step-of-the-way. Grease in the rear hub was also too thick, quick clean out with lighter weight grease and a little lube, 1000miles not a single problem.

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by Rick

I have a C-4 set; I think it is the 2.2 (can't remember). But it is pretty light, so I don't ride them much.
I did have a problem with the freehub, because they apparently don't understand how to lube them. If you clean them out thoroughly (I used WD-40) and then grease the serrated ratchet side only with Phil Wood grease or similar, and use a heavy oil (not grease) on the pawls side, they seem to work fine.
They came with something akin to peanut butter gumming up both sides so the pwls wouldn't engage reliably. The nice thing is they just pull apart with no tools required. There is a youtube video on it if you search,.

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by HillRPete

I am echoing the Buyer Beware. C4 screwed me for 500 bucks on 2 orders, the goods (or a tracking number) never arrived, and it was too late to get it back via Paypal, because I had given the benefit of doubt for like 4 months (countless emails ensuring things would be underway). When I pressed for a tracking number he said he had lost it on his messy desk, and offered to send the order again or refund. The refund didn't arrive either, and he explained it with his secretary of whatever having transferred from the wrong account. After that ... silence.

If you absolutely must have C4, get them via Fairwheelbikes. If you look around the forums you'll find out that I'm not the only one in this situation. Now $500 is not the end of the world, but it's enough to be properly pissed. I'd recommend to look elsewhere.

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by Murphs

Not really into bashing companies on internet forums.... But there are plenty of better alternatives to C-4.

The paperweight front wheel and lonely rear wheel hanging up in my garage are a testament.

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by jimh

I got A23's with C-4 FH65 24 Sapim x-ray front and RH210 with 28 on the back
Have had no problems with the front but the back has been a bit of the issue.

Had to replace the freehub body as it wasn't freewheeling properly and later on managed to cook the bearings - went for a very wet ride and there was a section of about 15k where the road was covered in a very fine slit/mud which seem to go straight past the seals and into the bearings - to give you some idea how fine the mud was when my jacket dried off you could shake the dust off it and it was clean. Not sure how other hubs would've handled this ?


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by mnmasotto

I have two pair and never had a problem with either set. One set has about 2500 miles on them. I weight 175lbs and do alot of hills. If I had to be critical I think the front hubs could be a little stiffer. Otherwise good set of wheels.

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by devinci

I think I would update this thread for the wealth of the WW knowledge archive and to help the community, I have received a PM regarding my purchase at C4 and thought people would like to know what's happening.

I ordered a set of MTB hubs and some spokes on dec 21. It didnt ship untill jan 11 and Mark provided me with a tracking number and said the customs could hold it for a while...wtf? I purchase several items SEVERAL times from overseas and a lot from the USA, never had any issue.

The said tracking number didnt work at first, and didnt work during the week. Its still not working. Suspicious shit IMO.

I did contact Mark with the tracking number issue and he replied he would go to the post office to see whats happening..... no news. I send him another emai on friday and he said he would come back on monday with some POSITIVE news.

On monday: nothing. I send him and email so he does not forget me, he replies he didnt forget me and will send some news later during the day. 22h00 on monday: nothing.

This morning I received an email from Mark, he said he hoped I received his email from yesterday with a tracking number.

No, I did not receive it, why the F-- would the email not have reached my inbox? While every other time he was very fast communicating.

I am pissed off with the C4 experience so far.

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